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The Arbequina Olive


Originating in Catalonia, Spain, the Arbequina Olive has a unique earthy flavor that can be likened to artichoke or even the fruity apple. They are favored in oil production.

Andalucia, Spain

Growing Areas:

  • Originating in Catalonia, Spain, most Arbequina olives are still harvested there, but Arbequinas can be found grown all around the world, from California to Australia.

Tree Specifications:

  • An early growing cycle to fruition, the Arbequina can produce as early as its third year. The olive is favored for its high yield productivity and constant annual crop averages.


  • A late harvest variety, the Arbequina's table olive production begins as late as the middle of November and can last through the end of the year.


  • The olive is cured in natural salt brine fermentation with a salinity of 9%. The process is relatively short because of its small size, taking from one to two months.

Fruit Specifications:

  • Spherical and symmetric in shape, the olive has a rounded apex, without a nipple.
  • Finished table Arbequina's coloring ranges from a beige to a rust color.
  • Because of their small size, Arbequinas are not size graded, but instead, sorted for defects before they are placed into tanks.
  • Arbequina olives are known first for their excellent extra virgin olive oil, due to their fruity, and often earthy flavor and pleasantly bitter finish. A great balance.

Pairings & Recipe Ideas:

  • Goat cheese, feta
  • Dried fruit (figs, pears, etc.)
  • Almonds

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