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The Green Beldi Olive


Grown in Morocco, the Beldi is a firm olive with a crisp bite. It is a light-green, straw color with a fruity taste.

Morocco Map

Growing Areas:

  • The Beldi is grown predominately in the Marrakech and Fes provinces of Morocco.

Tree Specifications:

  • This tree matures to fruition by its fifth year. The yield productivity is medium with alternating crops with some irregularities occurring from year to year.


  • Harvest of the green Beldi begins the first week of October and extends through the middle of November.


  • Then green Beldi is first washed in caustic soda (lye) solution for de-bittering purposes. The fruit is then thoroughly washed to remove any traces of lye. From there, the olives are put into 250-liter drums for lactic fermentation. The curing process of the Beldi typically takes less than 3 months and is complete when a pH of 4.2 or less and an acidity that is greater than 0.8% is achieved.

Fruit Specifications:

  • Green Beldi olives are ovoid and slightly asymmetric in shape with a round base and a pointed apex.
  • This olive's color spectrum ranges from straw-colored to light green.
  • As with many green olives, the texture is firm and crisp to the bite.
  • Sizes vary because of the large crop (over 40,000 MT) but the most desirable fruit is between 160 and 200 units per kilogram.
  • The flavor of this olive is mellow and fruity with a briny finish.

Pairings & Recipe Ideas:

  • Cheese pairing: Manchego
  • Wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

Green Beldi