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Pepperazzi™: The Sweet Side of Our Piquant Pepper


The Pepperazzi™, a native of Peru, is a unique pepper with a balance of sweet and spicy flavors. With its vibrant presence—in both color and flavor—it's a fabulous way to spice up any of your favorite recipes.

DeLallo Pepperazzi™ Pepperazzi


  • A round, squat pepper native to Peru, where climate allows for year-round harvest.
  • Loaded with Vitamin C, our beloved red pepper boasts the ideal balance of sweet and spicy with a crisp texture to hold up to all of your creations—whether diced, sliced or stuffed.
  • Packed in sweet vinegar for superior fresh flavor and crisp flesh.

More flavor and zip than traditional red peppers, our line of Pepperazzi™ offers a few unique presentations to amp up your favorite recipes.

  • Pepperazzi™: red, round and ready for your recipes—vibrant color and spicy-sweet flavor.
  • Roasted Pepperazzi™: everything you love about the sweet, mild heat of Pepperazzi™ with an added smoky flavor.
  • Golden Pepperazzi™: like our original red, but with a bright sunny hue.
  • Tri-Color Pepperazzi™: with the same sweet and spicy flavor of our original red, this antipasto adds more color to your presentation with green, yellow and red peppers.

From hand-tossed salads to grilled pizzas and savory stuffed appetizers, the spicy-sweet flavor of Pepperazzi™ peppers is the perfect addition to nearly any recipe. Though it is known for pairing with creamy cheeses and savory sausage stuffings, its vinegary zip complements a myriad of ingredients, so get creative!

DeLallo Creamy Pepperazzi™ & Goat Cheese Pasta RecipeINSPIRING INGREDIENT
Create Your Own Pepperazzi™ Tradition

Any Way You Stuff Them