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Spiedini: Skewered Antipasti


Fun to eat, colorful and bursting with flavor, skewered antipasti is a wonderful way to combine everything you love about Mediterranean cuisine in just a few steps—from tart, briny olives and savory cheeses to fresh herbs and citrus fruit.

A Colorful Way to Entertain with Antipasti

Some of the most elaborate, eye-catching appetizers just might be the simplest to prepare. With a basic knowledge of complementary flavors, some tasty Italian ingredients and a few skewers, you can bring everyone to the table. Not only are these beautiful antipasti creations a great way to bring together sweet and savory Italian flavors, but also, they are easy to enjoy—from finger foods to elegant appetizers in minutes.


DeLallo Skewered Olive & Antipasto Appetizers

First, decide how many combinations of skewered antipasti you want to make. If you’re entertaining, be sure to choose a few varieties to accommodate a crowd.



  • Try to choose fresh herbs like basil and mint over dried ones. Not only do they enhance flavor, but as far as visuals, bright green leaves lend to a more vibrant presentation.
  • Some like it hot, but some don’t, so make sure to offer a variety of savory goodies for the nibbling gang. Also, many piquant items are best paired with mild, creamy cheeses and savory flavors as to cushion some of that heat.
  • Hit up that olive and antipasti bar! The crisp and fresh-tasting items on the bar are perfect for skewering. Some of these already-prepared combinations include different ingredients, such as Garlic and Pepper Antipasto, giving you more ways to flavor your skewers.
  • Though most foods can be threaded, keep in mind that some ingredients just won’t stay on a stick! Super crumbly cheeses and fragile, cracker-like starches should be avoided. But do serve them on the side, if they will enhance your presentation
  • For added flavor and texture, brush your antipasti with extra virgin olive oil, and then drizzle or sprinkle some additional ingredients. Try a sprinkle of crushed nuts, black pepper or grated cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano or Romano: the finer, the better. Also, both balsamic glaze and pesto sauce enhance taste and appearance with just a light drizzle.
  • Just because you serve a bunch of tasty Italian favorites on sticks, doesn’t mean you can’t offer a side of dip, too! It’s a known fact that people love to dip, and so be sure to parade your colorful nibbles alongside any number of dips or sauces to accent.




 DeLallo Skewered Olives & Antipasti: Appetizers