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The Taggiasca Olive


This small, Italian olive is sweet and mild with a distinct deep red coloring. When used for olive oil, the Taggiasca makes a wonderful fruity flavored oil.

Taggiasca Map

Growing Areas:

  • The Taggiasca Olive is grown in the province of Linguria, Italy, where it is found on the rocky mountain slopes of the Italian Riveria.

Tree Specifications:

  • A late bloomer, this variety comes to maturity in its fifth year. The Taggiasca has a medium yield per tree with alternating crops annually.
  • The Taggiasca Tree is self-pollinating.


  • Due to its geographic location, the Taggiasca is harvested in early January, extending through the end of March.


  • Cured in a sea salt brine, the olives are fermented for up to five months or until the olive has achieved a pH between 4.3-4.5.

Fruit Specifications:

  • Ovoid and symmetric, the Taggiasca is identified by a pointed apex and no nipple.
  • The color spectrum of the olives can vary between blond to deep red or violet.
  • A very small olive, the Taggiasca is sized approximately between 500-600/kg.
  • The olive itself has very little flesh between the skin and the pit. The Taggiasca has a firm bite and a sweet fruity and mild flavor.

Pairings & Recipe Ideas:

 Taggiasca Olives