Anthony DiPietro

My grandfather was George Delallo and since I was a kid, I knew that the only thing that I ever really wanted to do was work in my family’s business. I’m an avid cook, though by no means consider myself a professional. But, I have a great interest in food—its history, how it relates to culture, and the nuances of an ingredient, recipe or cuisine (Italian first of course). I’m fortunate enough to be able to use my passion for food in my daily work. I am part of the team that researches and selects products for the Delallo line. Over the years, working with our partners in Italy, I’ve garnered a tremendous amount of information about the products that we offer. In this blog, I hope to be able to share some of the fascinating, in depth and detailed knowledge about Italian food that I’ve had the opportunity to learn.

Your Quote on Food, Cooking, Eating, or Italian Food
I think that sharing meals around a table with people you care about are some of the best times you can have.

Your Favorite Recipe
My favorite is a minestra [soup] that is a tradition in our family—each of us has our own way of making it, but I think we all like my uncle’s the best. 

Most Underrated/Mis-understood Ingredient
Extra Virgin olive oil—an essential finishing touch for a sauce or soup. A lot of people know extra virgin olive oil is great for salads and cooking, but they don’t realize it makes a world of difference for many dishes if you drizzle a bit of it on top just before serving.

Your Best Kitchen Tip
Buy a great kitchen knife and learn how to use it.  

If you were a food or dish, what would you be?

Pantry or Fridge Must Have
Parmigiano Reggiano—because in my opinion it’s the most versatile ingredient in all of Italian cooking.

Some of your earliest memories of cooking
One of my earliest memories is of my sister and me helping my mother prepare calamari for the “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” a Christmas Eve tradition in our family. Another is my mother teaching me how to make a simple pasta dish with broccoli and mostaccioli [penne pasta].

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