Giuliana Pozzuto

Giuliana Pozzuto’s love of cooking, Italy, and her heritage comes from her mother’s passion to instill the basics of Italian cooking in her at a young age—no formal training here, just years at her mother’s side in the kitchen. She now works at DeLallo, where she is part of a team that is passionate about the DeLallo brand emerging as the Italian food company for foodies and non-foodies alike.  She believes that everybody deserves the opportunity to experience and enjoy good food—and good food comes from great ingredients.  

Your Quote on Food, Cooking, Eating, or Italian Food
Since eating is something we all have to do every day, it can be a daily opportunity to really enjoy good food with good friends.

Your Favorite Recipe
Lasagne stracciata. It is the quintessential peasant food in the sense that the entire body of the dish (which is basically a soup) is made from the pasta water. The pasta is made just with flour and water, no eggs, and a little sautéed guanciale (or pancetta) and onions. For me, there is no greater comfort food than a soupy pasta.

Most Underrated/Mis-understood Ingredient
Garlic—though maybe “misused” is the better word here. Frequently, way too much garlic is used, and often it’s not incorporated into the dish at the right time or in the correct way—which makes it overpowering when it doesn’t need to be. I use garlic in almost all my cooking, but in a very understated way—just so it adds to the layering of flavors. Garlic is best if you lightly fry it in the olive-oil base of your dish, and then, most likely, it can even be removed at that point. Also, garlic needs to be watched carefully—the golden color is optimal, but anything under or over that point will add a bitter or burnt taste.

Your Best Kitchen Tip
Always keep your pasta water…it’s a lifesaver. It can bring a dying sauce back to life.

If you were a food or dish, what would you be?
Risotto – who wouldn’t want to be a tiny grain of rice that is drenched in some of life’s most indulgent ingredients….butter, wine, rich homemade stock, and Parmigiano Reggiano!? Then, after careful attention and love, you become plump and creamy. The before-and-after transformation is truly remarkable… imagine being that little grain! Watching risotto is better than any make-over show.

Pantry or Fridge Must Have
Pancetta.  I can’t function in the kitchen without pork fat of some kind.

Some of your earliest memories of cooking
Standing on a step stool to reach the table in our “second kitchen” in my parents’ basement, learning how to roll gnocchi next to my mother.  For years, mine were so ugly, that we couldn’t serve them to guests with the rest of the gnocchi, so we made a special dinner later in the week when just my mom, dad, brothers and I would eat all the “ugly” ones.  I’m proud to say that many years later, my gnocchi now make the first cut.

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