Meghan Tutolo

The only thing more Italian than Meghan’s last name (too-TAH-low) is her love of good food – raised on breads, pastas and more red sauce than her horribly out-of-style kitten t-shirts could handle. Now she is grown, and though she hasn’t attended culinary school or prepared gourmet meals behind a posh-looking counter, her experience goes as far as her own budget, an ordinary kitchen and a dreamy passion for creating. Oh, and spending too many years working in a grocery store.

Your Quote on Food, Cooking, Eating, or Italian Food
I think there's only one thing you can say, and my dad used to chase me around the house and to the dinner table with it: "Mangia, mangia!"

Your Favorite Recipe
Though it hasn't a title, it's gnocchi with red sauce and chunky vegetables. Oh, and spinach leaves. Love spinach.

Most Underrated/Mis-understood Ingredient
Whole wheat pasta. I try to eat healthy and wholesome foods, so I caught onto the craze a few years back, back when all the pastas tasted like gritty cardboard. Things have gotten better, though, and I have to come to actually prefer it!

Your Best Kitchen Tip
It's not best to put something on the stove and go wandering. Pay attention! And be patient! I don't know how many years I spent opening and closing the oven or lids over and over in anticipation.

If you were a food or dish, what would you be?
Cheesy Lasagna. You figure it out. (:

Pantry or Fridge Must Have
Red onion. I'm that simple, huh?

Some of your earliest memories of cooking
While I'm grateful my parents gave me free rein to explore the kitchen, I rarely came out with anything edible. Once I began helping with their preparations, I quickly turned into a professional meat-baller!

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