NEW! DeLallo Olives & Antipasti Ready Packs: Ready... Set... Gourmet!


DeLallo Olives & Antipasti Ready Packs: Easy Gourmet

Who doesn’t love stopping by the Olives & Antipasti bar at your local deli?

From plump purple Calamata olives to spicy-sweet Pepperazzi™— everyone’s local grocery store stocks up on gourmet Mediterranean goodies. If you’re a fan of the olive bar, you know how hard it is to walk by without snatching up a few spoonfuls, even when you’re in a hurry. I mean, there they are—all fresh and glistening with oil, vibrant and colorful, dancing with specks of flavorful herbs and spices… okay, so you get the idea. Sometimes the container doesn’t even make it home!

We feel you. In fact, we’ve packaged up our top-selling Olives & Antipasti, making it easier to scoop some up on the go. Sold in individual, resealable containers, each Ready Pack offers about a 1/2 pound of your favorite varieties—an ideal size for snacking, cooking and easy entertaining. As a little bonus, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the package. The code links you to a unique page for each olive and antipasto, giving you recipe and pairing ideas, tasting information and tips for entertaining.

DeLallo Olives & Antipasti: Easy Appetizers & Recipe Inspiration

Sourced from all over the world to your local deli, Olives & Antipasti make more than just a quick snack. Yes, you can eat them right out of the package—as we all do, sometimes—but they also make for great gourmet ingredients. Create homemade pizzas, flatbreads and focaccias; pasta dishes (both hot and cold!); meat and seafood entrées; and no-cook preparations like tasty toppings for leafy salads, chunky bruschettas, skewered appetizers, dips and salsas.

Take it from the Italians: sometimes simpler is better! In a rush? Not chef of the year? That’s okay. Olives & Antipasti make an elegant addition to appetizer platters, party trays, spreads of impressive pairings with wines, cured meats, specialty cheeses… pretty much anything you can think of, really. It’s easy to put together a colorful presentation with a few favorites.

Next time you get into your car from a successful grocery-store trip and you think of popping open that container to prematurely snag some olives—make sure you buy enough to take home and share!

DeLallo Olives & Antipasti Ready Packs: Easy Gourmet

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