Our Newest Line of Gourmet Breadcrumbs: A Staple Ingredient Gone Fabulous



DeLallo New Product: Breadcrumb Collection—Seasoned, Traditional & Panko


Didn't think those hot wings could get any spicier? Craving a crispy garlicky topping for your pasta dishes?

We're excited to introduce our newest line of tasty gourmet breadcrumbs. Whether your recipe calls for a savory seasoning of Italian herbs or our Traditional Unseasoned, DeLallo Breadcrumbs are a convenient way to bread baked chicken and fried finger-food appetizers, give your homestyle meatballs a tender, hearty bite and hey... try them toasted atop your favorite caseroles, salads and pasta dishes.

At DeLallo, we've crafted our new Breadcrumbs to accent your favorite recipes with new flavors like Garlic and Hot and Spicy, but also expanded our line to include extra-crispy Japanese-style Panko Breadcrumbs for a crispy, light addition to your kitchen creations.

This pantry staple competes for most-used among olive oil, peppers and pasta. Don't leave your cupboard bare!

 DeLallo Breadcrumbs Recipes 


Make your family-loved classics, or try something new like our recipe for Breaded Fried Ravioli (lavished with our fresh tomato Pomodoro Fresco Pasta Sauce, of course!) These flavorful new varieties are the perfect ingredients to inspire new dishes. So get inventive!

DeLallo Entree Recipes: Lemon Breaded Porkchop with Orzo Pasta  & Peas

Some Delicious Ways to Savor Breadcrumbs:

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How do you use breadcrumbs? Share your favorite recipes for a chance to earn a shout-out  on our Facebook page and possibly our online recipe section.

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