From Chicken Pasta to Chicken Salads, Go Italian!



Not only is chicken a versatile flavor—hearty and healthy—but it just tastes good. We, at DeLallo, thought it was the perfect time to hook you up with a few of our latest Italian recipes with chicken. We've been cooking like crazy developing new dishes for this grilling and picnic season, hoping to give you all new ways to use your favorite summer produce and, of course, our tasty, authentic goods. In one of our latest recipes, we paired shredded chicken with fresh Romaine, basil and a bunch of our favorite Mediterranean goodies, like chickpeas, Genoa salami, Calamata olives and aged provolone. Besides being a delicious way to enjoy a loaded antipasto salad, it's the perfect platter for presenting with the vibrant colors and textures. Try serving this salad at your next grad party or picnic. There is no way this won't score big points with the crowd.

Chicken Antipasto Salad

With cooked chicken breasts, thighs or simply an oven-roasted chicken from your local grocery store's prepared foods section, you can create a number of Italian meals to keep the kids—big and small—from raiding the frozen dinners on weeknights. Often with just a few Italian pantry items—capers, dried hot pepper flakes, sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, jarred olives or beans, just to name a few—a pound or two of chicken, maybe some fresh produce and a bag of our tasty pasta, you can put together something amazing. We use capellini, or "angel hair," in one of our new favorites featuring paprika and chili pepper rubbed chicken. This Southern Italian presentation will knock your socks off. Go easy on the chili pepper, though, if you're not into the heat.

Spicy Chicken Arrabbiata

Okay, so next time you're scouring your kitchen cupboards for some fresh meal ideas, try one of our chicken recipes. We know you'll love 'em!

Chicken and pasta come together in these recipes:

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