Cinco de Mayo: Entertain with Your Favorites!


Avocado Salad with Garlic Pepper Antipasto

While we know it isn't a Mediterranean holiday, Cinco de Mayo is fast-approaching. We love any excuse to entertain, here at DeLallo. Bringing friends and family together to have a good time is what food is all about—an Italian tradition, of course. The holiday is observed in Mexico to commemorate a triumphant battle: in 1862, a devastated Mexican army fought their way to victory.

At the risk of dizzing you with all that history, I'll keep it brief. Mexican immigrants in California began to celebrate May 5th in the U.S. as a way to express pride in their culture and heritage—an event that has taken place ever since! Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has become an extravagant event in America, a colorful way to indulge in tasty, Latin-American-inspired food and drink, and even dancing!

In the U.S., Mexican cuisine is known for its bright colors, piquant peppers and spices, various beans and rice. But this doesn't mean there isn't room for your favorite Mediterranean flavors!

Pepperazzi™ Quesadilla

Create a fresh salsa or guacamole with your favorite peppers, olives and even giardiniera! The brilliant colors and bold flavors of our antipasti are perfect for partnering with fresh chopped tomatoes and herbs.

Fill your tacos and quesadillas with a savory assortment of sliced olives, mushrooms and our favorite way to enjoy—with Tri-Pepperazzi™ Peppers!

Stuff colorful peppers with creamy Jack cheese, seafood, sausage or your favorite combination. Top with breadcrumbs and bake for a golden brown. That easy! Pepperazzi™ are the perfect peppers for stuffing, along with the Piquillo. Piquillo Peppers offer a sweet, mellow flavor—more mellow than the zesty Pepperazzi™—with a long beak shape ideal for savory fillings.

Some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo party recipes to inspire:

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