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It’s that time of year again, time to scour holiday cookbooks, video-record your favorite television chefs and comb the depths of the internet—food blogs and otherwise—all in the pursuit of the perfect holiday meal. Whether you’re looking for a colorful new side, a warm and welcoming antipasto or a star for the main event, we aim to inspire your kitchen creativity with our Mediterranean flavors, as well as a few Thanksgiving recipes of our own.

Antipasti Spread

Delicious from the very beginning
Keep it simple. Give the gang something to munch on while you’re putting the final touches on your dishes. There is nothing easier and more elegant than antipasti. Create a dynamic pairing of tart olives, cured meats, specialty cheeses and marinated antipasti. Serve it up with our toasty Bruschetta Crisps and a glass of sweet, white wine for a well-rounded appetizer.

Rethink your favorites
While holidays center on tradition, it doesn’t mean you have to keep your offerings the same every year. Wow your guests with new flavors. Think about adding some Mediterranean flair to your favorite recipes with the addition of olives and antipasti. Here are some of our ingredient suggestions:

Cipolline Onions (Balsamic or Classic)
Move aside peas and carrots, these sweet, melt-in-yChestnut Stuffingour-mouth onions are a great way to give your stuffings, meats and potatoes a lively new flavor. Serve them as a side on their own baked with diced bacon, extra virgin olive oil and a handful of golden raisins for a unique, classic Italian side.

Calamata Olives
This purple-hued Greek olive owns a smoky, tart flavor, perfect for giving your dishes a Mediterranean zing. Try them chopped in your stuffings, fresh-baked breads or warmed with fresh herbs as a side all on their own.

Roasted Piquillo Peppers
These vibrant red peppers own a smoky, sweet flavor with a beak shape, perfect for stuffing. Try them stuffed and baked with sausage, tuna, or cheeses. Better yet, slice them up and add them to a simple tossed salad for a fresh side. A flavorful way to amp up your dinner table presentation.

Marinated Artichokes
A beloved antipasto that has made its way into countless recipes—dips, salads, pasta dishes and more—the earthy artichoke gives your stuffings, hot dips, and casseroles a gourmet spin. Simply offer them up as a roasted side dish with diced pancetta, or incorporate them with mushrooms and Parmesan for a savory stuffing.


Some Holiday Recipes to Boost Your Presentation:

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