Local Food Bloggers Unite in the DeLallo Kitchen


Michelle, Brown Eyed Baker; Jessica, How Sweet Eats; Giuliana, DeLallo

Have you ever gone through life thinking that maybe all the thoughts in your head, your passions, were exclusive to you? Like you were kind of a weirdo? Then one day, WHAM! You meet someone or multiple people and it’s like you’re looking into a mirror?

Well, a couple weeks ago, this happened to me.

I had my first interaction with—I can’t quite say fellow bloggers. I’m not exactly a blogger, but I’m pretty heavy in the world of food with recipe creation, product marketing and food styling/photography. So I meet these wonderful people who, like me, understand this food world—just as passionate about recipes and snapping photos, getting the angles and lighting just right. It’s not like I didn’t know they existed; I’m not that naïve, but I just haven’t had any interaction with them… until now!

So I invited some local food bloggers to the DeLallo kitchen for a new experience: The Queen of Sweets, Michelle (the Brown Eyed Baker) and the Empress of All Things Food Blogging, Jessica (from How Sweet Eats.) Wow did we have a ball!

In my line of work, part of my day is staying connected with the food world. For the last couple years, food bloggers are really, I feel, the pulse of the industry—what real people are doing in their kitchens. Sure, there are famous TV chefs and glamorized food programing, but the food bloggers are what I call the blue-collar superstars of the food world. They are just like you and me; they aren’t professionals, per se. Hey, they actually get messy, make mistakes and aren’t afraid to confess their obsession for great food.

Michelle, Brown-Eyed-Baker; DeLallo, Giuliana; How Sweet Eats, Jessica

Some time ago, while browsing my feed of favorite food bloggers, I realized that both Michelle, who is pretty open about her black-and-gold sports love, and Jessica, who graciously gushes over our retail store, are my next-door foodie neighbors! So why has it taken us so long to hook up? We’re busy ladies, of course, but we finally cleared our busy schedules for some kitchen time. I couldn’t wait to get them in the kitchen and basically just cook and chat and chomp. I mean, what day in the kitchen is complete without an abundant amount of chomping?

DeLallo Blog: Local Food Bloggers Unite in the DeLallo Kitchen

OUR GOAL: Each of us would prepare part of a feast. With a love of all things olives and antipasti, I contributed the first course [RECIPE: Italian Chopped Antipasto Salad] on behalf of DeLallo. Jessica prepared the main entrée, and Michelle, of course, took care of the sweetest ending. 

We began in the store, grabbing our respective carts and shopping for ingredients. Then to the kitchen went—of course, chatting it up as we prepared our dishes.


  • Resisting the temptation to eat everything before you shoot it.
  • How much we love perfectly lighted days.
  • How many pounds of hair have been pulled from our heads trying to get the setting and light just right. Poor us!
  • The stress of picking coordinating napkins and forks.
  • Stalker readers. Gulp!
  • How to place a log on a fire… Michelle had her first “placing a log on a fire” experience with us. So glad to be a part of her history!


I must admit, I’m kind of spoiled since I have a food photographer and a copy writer: my right arm, Megan, and my left arm, Meghan. (Don’t confuse the H! They get testy about this distinction.) Michelle and Jessica are truly one-girl acts. They do everything from soup to nuts. Megan gave the girls a break and operated her camera most of the day, but iPhones were a-flashing for some good ol’ Instagram-ing and instant social media posting.

So there you have it. Good times. Lots of laughter. And full, full bellies. The perfect day in the kitchen—wouldn't you agree?


   Jessica, How Sweet Eats; Giuliana, DeLallo; Michelle, Brown Eyed Baker 

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