Not Your Nonna’s Macaroni Salad


Take what you know about “Macaroni Salad”—the predictable dice of peppers and onions, elbow noodles and the heavy slathering of mayo—and then throw that out the window!

We, at DeLallo, have been working hard in the kitchen—week after week—perfecting the American classic into something characteristically creamy and delicious, but new and with lots more to offer your picnic pals! No warm-weather feast should be without a few new flavors and why not start with a beloved macaroni salad?DeLallo Elbow Pasta (Macaroni)

First, why macaroni? The word macaroni has simply become another way to refer to dried pasta—usually speaking of short, hollow cuts made from hard durum wheat and water. The term doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific shape, though people have come to associate it with Elbows—those squat curved hollows we see featured in cheesy baked dishes (hence Macaroni and Cheese!)

It’s not only about the pasta, though. With cold pasta salads, you have every opportunity to feature fresh seasonal ingredients with a variety of colors and flavors, cured meats and cheeses—and then, of course, a tasty dressing to set off the whole dish!

To help you celebrate the upcoming summer season—we’ve created three new macaroni salads that are sure to brighten your backyard barbeques.

New Creamy Macaroni Salad Recipes:

 Creamy Macaroni Salad Recipes

Any new ideas of your own? Tell us what you’ve been up to in your kitchen!

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