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DeLallo's Olive Encyclopedia


Are you obsessed with olives? Learn more about these delicious fruits with our varietal fact pages. You'll discover where in Greece the Calamata grows, how the Spanish Manzanilla is cured, when the Nicoise is harvested, how long the Sevillano tree must grow before it begins to bear fruit and what color the Maddalena olive must be before it is harvested. Research your favorite olive varieties here!

For our quick guide to the general olive, check out our Olive FAQ!

Interested in how olive oil is made?

Martini Olives

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Olive Varieties | Flavor Profiles of 4 Types of Olives

Next Anthony shows us four different types of olives, with flavors from mellow to intense. The green Bella Di Cerignola olive from Puglia is a good olive for those new to olive-tasting, while the Sicilian-cured Sevillano olive is grown in California and is ideal as a stuffed olive. The Calamata olive is the King of Table Olives and pairs well...


What Are Olives? Olive Facts & Information

In the first segment of the five-part Olive series, Anthony DeLallo explains that there’s more to olives than the pimento-stuffed fruits from a jar. Olives come in many colors, varieties, flavors and textures. Although inedible when first harvested, olives are transformed by the curing process. How are olives cured? View the next segment in the...

California Olives

California Olives | Facts & Information about the Calilfornia Olive

In the first segment of our eleven-part California Olive series, we meet Frieda Ehmann, pioneer of the California black ripe olive curing method. Frieda founded Ehmann Olive Company back in 1897, starting with a few barrels of olives in her basement and quickly growing into a full-fledged olive curing company. The curing plant, now DeLallo/...

Olive Encyclopedia Articles

Anatomy of an Olive

Anatomy of an Olive

From apex to base, know your olive inside & out.

Get the Scoop on Olives: A Healthy Indulgence

Get the Scoop on Olives: A Healthy Indulgence

Olives are a cornerstone of the famously-healthy Mediterranean diet. A wholesome fruit rich in antioxidents, the olive contains the "good fat" that reduces your risk of heart disease. Because they come in many varieties, there is an olive for nearly every palate. Learn why you should make them a regular feature on your family's...

Tips to Pitting an Olive

How to Pit an Olive

This simple, four-step tutorial will show you the quickest way to pit an olive. Starting your recipes with unpitted olives lets you use the olive to its full potential. Pitting an olive is a kitchen skill worth learning.

Olive Medley

Olive FAQ

Our Olive FAQ gives detailed answers to common olive questions, like how are olives made ready to eat? Why do some olives have slices in their skin? Why do different kinds of olives have distinct flavors? Why are some olive pasteurized, but not all? Learn more about the ins & outs of olives in this hand, fact sheet!

Arbequina Olive

The Arbequina Olive

Originating in Catalonia, Spain, the Arbequina Olive has a unique earthy flavor that can be likened to artichoke or even the fruity apple. They are favored in oil production.

Black Bella di Cerignola Olive

The Black Bella di Cerignola Olive

Exclusively grown in a province of Puglia, Italy, Bella di Cerignola olives are milder than most table olives, considered a safe bet for "beginner" olive connoisseurs. The Bella di Cerignola is a large, semi-firm olive with a deep black coloring.

Black Greek Olive

The Black Greek Olive

The Black Greek Olive is a variety plentiful throughout central Greece. Fermented with natural sea salt, the Black Greek is a matured version of the green Amifissa. As a finished table olive, it can be dark brown, deep purple or even black with a flavor similar to red wine.

Calamata Olive

The Calamata Olive

DeLallo has coined its authentic Kalamata as "Calamata," a variety grown in the regions of Western and Central Greece, as well as Peloponnese. With a deep purple coloring, the Calamata has a deeply complex fruity flavor.

The California Sicilian Cured Sevillano Olive

The California Sicilian Cured Sevillano Olive

Brought to Northern California from Spain, the California Sicillian Cured Sevillano is a larger table olive, buttery with notes of lemon. It's green in color with a firm, crisp bite.

Castelvetrano Olive

The Castelvetrano Olive

The Castelvetrano Olive, or Nocellara del Belice, is an olive grown in western Sicily with an intense green coloring and sweeter flavor.