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Antipasti Favorites

Please Note: This item is perishable and requires expedited shipping.

SKU: 140340

Before a meal or as a stand-alone treat, this collection makes it easy to get your gathering started with some of the most well loved Mediterranean flavors. We include savory sticks of Italian-cured meats, smokey Calamata olives, classic Italian cheeses and more. 

  • Artichoke Bruschetta (10 oz.)
  • Traditional Breadsticks (4.4 oz.)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.9 oz.)
  • Jumbo Calamata Olives (8 oz.)
  • Roasted Piquillo Peppers (12 oz.)
  • Marinated Artichoke Hearts (6 oz.)
  • Genoa Salami (9 oz.)
  • Sweet Sopressata (9 oz.)
  • Casalingo Dry Sausage (7 oz.)
  • Sharp Provolone (1 lb.)
  • Parmesan Cheese (8 oz.)
  • Asiago Cheese (8 oz.)

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