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DeLallo Pitted Seasoned Olives Gigante Ready Pack

Please Note: This item is perishable and requires expedited shipping.

SKU: 010388

Our resealable Ready Pack line makes it easy to use and store your favorite Olives & Antipasti. Grown and hand-harvested in Northern California, the California Sevillano is a plump, meaty olive with a brilliant balance of tart and buttery flavors. We infuse our gorgeous green olives with a subtle blend of herbs and pit them for convenience in the kitchen.

Olives Gigante shine as the flavorful heart of any party platter, alongside savory meats and cheeses, but also as a gourmet ingredient in your favorite Mediterranean-inspired recipes—from salads and pasta sauces to pizzas and warm focaccia. Pairing inspiration: sharp imported provolone and White Merlot.

Price: $5.99
Weight: 7 oz.

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