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Home Style Sweet Capicola

Please Note: This item is perishable and requires expedited shipping.

SKU: 003050-2

Capicola is a traditional sausage produced in a number of regions of Italy. It's made exclusively from the pork butt, which is aged for a minimum of thirty days in brine before being packed into a casing, where it is cooked and further aged to allow the flavor to develop. Sweet Capicola is seasoned with black pepper, salt and garlic to accent the rich flavor of the pork. Our Sweet Home Style Capicola is made as Italians make it in their own kitchens, from the rustic twine around the casing to the intense flavor of the pork and seasonings, and the drier texture created by hanging the Capicola. Sweet Home Style Capicola can be paired with Italian bread and provolone to make an authentic Italian sandwich. 

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