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Recipes: Drinks | Bevande


DeLallo Beverage/Drink Recipes Bevande

From steamy espressos to olive-skewered martinis and aperitifs, bevande are a great start to a meal alongside your favorite antipasti.

DeLallo Cocktail Recipes | Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive Dirty Martini

Dirty Blues Martini

A dirty martini recipe with a kick! Serve alongside a dish of our Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives for a simple but elegant antipasto.

DeLallo Drink Recipes | Dirty Pepperazzi™ Pepper Martini

Dirty Pepperazzi™ Martini

The unique spicy-sweet flavor of our Pepperazzi™ is perfect for a classy dry cocktail. Add vibrant color and flavor to your glass!

DeLallo Italian Recipes | White Wine & Lemon Aperitivo

White Wine & Lemon Aperitivo

This is certainly a grown-up's lemonade! While it is seemingly simple, with only a few ingredients, this cool beverage is sure to impress.

DeLallo Drink Recipes | Fresh Garlic & Hot Pepper Dirty Martini

Fresh Garlic & Hot Pepper Martini

This adult beverage is for the garlic lover who can't seem to get enough pungent white cloves. Our "pickled" garlic will satisfy your cravings without the sharpness that scares everyone else away! We marinate our garlic in a brine that takes the harshness out, but leaves the flavor in!