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Recipes: Entrées


DeLallo Entree Recipes

Our entrées collection features hearty main dishes—from tender, braised cuts of beef and pan-fried seafood to classic polenta and risotto recipes. Each recipe waits to partner with your favorite complementary side, or try serving with a tossed greens salad dressed in a zippy vinaigrette.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Roasted Pepper Bruschetta Frittata with Fontina Cheese

Roasted Pepper Bruschetta Frittata with Fontina Cheese

Nothing says Sunday brunch like an oversized Italian omelet. Sliced like a pizza, this easy-to-prepare egg pie features our smoky, sweet Roasted Pepper Bruschetta and creamy Italian Fontina cheese.

Delallo Italian Recipes | Quattro Stagioni Polenta Pizza

Quattro Stagioni Polenta Pizza

Quattro Stagioni, the Italian words for "four seasons," gives everyone a little bit of what they love. In our version, we divide up our polenta pizzas into 4 sections loaded with artichokes, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms and olives. But get creative and top it with your favorites!

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Easy Skillet Polenta Pizza

Skillet Polenta Pizza

A super weeknight meal idea—replace that traditional on-the-go pizza crust with your favorite Northern Italian cornmeal! Polenta makes the perfect crust: hearty, buttery, delicious. Top it with your favorite cheeses, meats and garnishes.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Mediterranean Chicken with Olives

Mediterranean Chicken with Olives

The bright and briny flavor of the beloved Greek Calamata Stars in this easy-to-prepare chicken entrée. Accented with slices of tangy lemon and fragrant herbs, this dish gives that classic weeknight chicken dinner a marvelous Mediterranean twist.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Lemon Asiago Chicken with Pesto

Lemon Asiago Chicken with Pesto

We introduce the fragrant flavors of bright citrus and basil pesto to our scrumptious Asiago-breaded chicken breast. Serve it up with a leafy green salad or a hearty risotto for a well-rounded meal idea.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Cheesy Olive & Artichoke Flatbread

Cheesy Olive & Artichoke Flatbread

To serve, to snack or to lunch, this Mediterranean-inspired flatbread is a trip to your local olive bar away—just top it with your favorite olives and antipasti. Try making it a meal alongside a fresh greens salad.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Weeknight Risotto & Mini Meatballs

Weeknight Risotto & Mini Meatballs

Bring everyone to the table with this quick and easy risotto dish. Starring our beloved Pomodoro Fresco Marinara, irresistible mini meatballs and Northern Italiy's famed arborio rice, this is one cold-weather recipe sure to step up your dinner game.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Pizza Pizzaiola

Pizza Pizzaiola

A colorful recipe inspired by the fresh flavors of red and green bell peppers, garlic and crushed Italian tomatoes—all topping a thick and chewy crust. This authentic Italian recipe is perfect for dining or entertaining.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Raspberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast w Balsamic

Raspberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast with Balsamic Glaze

Impress your morning guests with this berry-sweet breakfast treat. Layered with creamy mascarpone and fresh berries, this stuffed French toast begs to be drizzled with tangy, rich balsamic.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Grilled Pork Sandwich with Spinach & Sun-Dried Peppers

Grilled Pork Sandwich with Spinach & Sun-Dried Peppers

Get grilling and get creative with bold new toppings for your favorite pork sandwich. Nothing complements the smoky grilled goodness like DeLallo Sweet & Tangy Sun-Dried Peppers.