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Recipes: Summer


The warmer weather is ideal for outdoor grilling, cold pasta salads, no-cook preparations and crisp leafy salads brimming with garden-fresh veggies. The Italians say, “leggero”—light meals with loads of summery flavor.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Pesto Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Pesto Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze

A classic Italian salad starring creamy bites of mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fragrant basil leaves—all tossed with our Traditional Basil Simply Pesto®. Drizzle it with our sweetly rich balsamic glaze for a stunning contrast of flavors.

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Kale & Shaved Brussels Salad w SaladSavors®

Kale & Shaved Brussels Salad with Vibrant SaladSavors®

Ditch the lettuce and try something unique—like shaved Brussels and kale! What a combination with our Sweet Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette and Vibrant SaladSavors®.

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Sun-Dried Tomato Caprese Sandwich with Balsamic Glaze

Sun-Dried Tomato Caprese Sandwich with Balsamic Glaze

Smoky, sweet sun-dried tomatoes layered high with fresh basil leaves and fresh mozzarella, then drizzled with sweet and velvety balsamic. Perfecto!

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Zesty Greek Romaine Wedge Salad

Zesty Greek Romaine Wedge Salad

A colorful way to dress your greens, our Zesty SaladSavors® brings your favorite Greek flavors to life. Serve it up atop crisp Romaine and a lemony Greek dressing for a crunchy, zesty bite of pure bliss. For more SaladSavors® inspiration and dressing recipes, visit

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Bold SaladSavors® Roasted Chicken Salad

Bold SaladSavors® Roasted Chicken Salad

We love our Gorgonzola! What better way to let it shine than in a fresh-tossed gourmet salad? Our Bold SaladSavors® Salad Topping pairs this pleasantly tangy cheese with dried pears and slices of roasted almonds for a salad topper superstar!

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Vibrant SaladSavors® Steak Salad

Vibrant SaladSavors® Steak Salad

Make it a meal with a juicy, tender cut of steak and the vibrant flavors in our blue-cheese-lovin' SaladSavors®. We dress up this savory steak salad with a tangy sweet vinaigrette.

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Zesty SaladSavors® Chicken Salad

Zesty SaladSavors® Chicken Salad

Go Greek and go bold with this super, easy-to-prepare gourmet salad. We toss our Zesty SaladSavors®, which includes tart, smoky Calmata olives, sweet red peppers and briny feta cheese, with crisp lettuce and a garlicky oregano dressing. Amazingly flavorful start to finish!

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Fresh SaladSavors® Grilled Salmon Salad

Fresh SaladSavors® Grilled Salmon Salad

Creamy goat cheese, sweet dried cranberries and crunchy walnuts come together with savory salmon atop a bed of lettuce. We accent this colorful combination with a herbaceous citrusy vinaigrette.

DeLallo SaladSavors® Recipes | Sharp SaladSavors® Grilled Chicken Salad

Sharp SaladSavors® Grilled Chicken Salad

Creating a colorful, gourmet salad at home never was so simple... until SaladSavors®. We toss tender artichokes, strips of sweet red peppers and nutty Asiago with crunchy chopped Romaine and a tangy tomato vinaigrette for a mind-blowing flavor combination. Get ready!

DeLallo Italian Recipes | Hot & Spicy Pesto Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Hot & Spicy Pesto Shrimp Skewers

Spice up grilling season with our Italian, bold-flavored Hot & Spicy Pesto. Serve up these fiery-hot shrimp skewers with a zesty lime aioli and get the party started.