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Buying Prepared Pesto - What to Look For When Buying Italian Pesto


Pesto is a great pasta sauce, but it has many other uses, too, such as in sandwich spreads and on roasted potatoes, so many people need it all year round. In this segment, Giuliana counsels us to try to buy prepared pesto that is made in Italy, if possible in Liguria, where the dish originated, and where the basil and pine nuts have the most authentic flavor. Look for a product that contains only natural ingredients you would use at home. And catch Giuliana’s tip for keeping stored pesto from oxidizing. In the DeLallo pantry, you can find important homemade pesto ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pine nuts, as well as prepared pesto. Pesto also makes a savory flavoring for Vinaigrette. Learn to make this simple salad dressing in the Vinaigrette video.