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Homemade Pesto - How to Make Pesto all Genovese


While the pasta cooks, Giuliana will make Pesto alla Genovese, giving us some tips along the way about what traits to look for in a good mortar. First she adds a little garlic, then the basil. As the basil releases its fantastic fragrance and juices, Giuliana sprinkles in some salt and adds the pine nuts and cheeses, offering a few ideas for tasty pesto variations. Once your ingredients are incorporated, you can begin to add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the desired consistency. It’s a lot easier to learn the right consistency by seeing it, so Giuliana shows us a good consistency and a pesto that was made too runny. When the pesto hits the hot pasta, the fragrances of basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil fill the kitchen. Delicious!

But what if it’s winter and you can’t get garden-fresh basil? In the next segment, Giuliana tells us how to choose a prepared pesto with all the great traits of homemade.