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How Is Pasta Made? Learn the details of how our pasta is made.


DeLallo pasta is made in Italy using semolina flour, a granular flour milled from durum wheat. In this video, we learn how that wheat is chosen for pasta-making, and we visit the pastificio where finely calibrated machinery grinds the wheat from whole kernels to semolina flour. When the flour is perfect, it is weighed and mixed with water, and the resulting dough pressed through bronze dies to shape the pasta and roughen its surface so the sauce will cling. After shaping, the pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures to preserve the fresh flavor of the semolina. Finally, we learn the difference between whole wheat pasta and traditional pasta—the secret’s in the grain! Browse the wide array of pasta shapes (both semolina and whole wheat) in DeLallo’s Pasta catalogue. And visit our Recipe file for traditional ways to use different types of pasta. To learn more about pasta—how to choose a good pasta in the store and prepare it to bring out its best qualities—view our Pasta series.