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How to Make Fresh Pesto: Recipe & Ingredients


How to make a fresh fantastic pesto. This pesto is a simple and authentic Italian pesto with fresh basil and Italian pine nuts.Pesto is a wonderful fresh pasta sauce that Giuliana shows us is easy and fast to make. Pesto originated in Liguria, Italy, where basil grows wild, as well as the pine trees that produce pine nuts, so it’s a very regional dish. Giuliana starts by telling us how to choose the best ingredients, including garden-fresh basil (do you know which basil leaves have the most flavor?), Italian or Spanish pine nuts, a little garlic, some Parmigano-Reggiano and Pecorino cheese, salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With these simple ingredients on hand, Giuliana will tell us why it’s worth a little more time and effort to make pesto the traditional way.