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La Pescheria: The Fish Monger


Pescheria Brunelli is a popular fish monger in Bologna, with crates of fish on ice lining the market street. Piergiorgio explains that most of the fish we see comes from the Mediterranean. He shows us many types of fish an American would recognize, such as anchovies, sardines, sole and sea bass, but also local delicacies like the red gallinella, used for soup, the leccia, which goes by other names in other parts of Italy, and the saraghini, which is best fried. Finally, we watch as careful hands slice the super-thin leaves of fish for carpaccio, the raw fish creation made from large fishes such as tuna and palombo. Hear Piergiorgio’s simple recipe for this tasty uber-fresh dish. For our next stop, we visit the fruit vendor, or Fruttivendolo, for a look at the vegetables and fruit delivered today.