About Our Olives & Antipasti Programs

Olives & Antipasti Experts

Olive & Antipasti Experts

Tree-to-Table Producer. Nation’s Largest Importer and Distributor of Olives & Antipasti.

Creator, Innovator, Category Leader

Creator, innovator and leader of the category for over 30 years, DeLallo offers the largest selection olives and antipasti from all over the world. We are fully vested in every aspect of growing, curing, producing and packaging—from our olive orchard in Northern California to our SQF Level 3 certified production facilities. DeLallo prides itself in simple but selective growing and curing methods to preserve each variety’s natural flavor and presentation. Olives are handpicked and sorted to meet our high standards: it takes a superb olive to live up to the DeLallo name! Our natural farm-to-table practices and generations of experience help to create a vast collection of expertly sourced product that is unmatched in the category. This dedication to quality and consistency contributes to the success of our  Olive & Antipasti Program.

Learn about our experience as leaders of the Olive & Antipasti category.

Programs Designed for Retailer Success

DeLallo offers customized programs tailored to each retailer’s needs to include self-service bulk bars, smaller self-serve cases and a variety of prepackaged programs. To support these programs, we offer a knowledgeable team of experts exclusively dedicated to the Olives & Antipasti program. Applying these programs is what leads to increased sales and awareness of not only olives and antipasti, but also complementary items sold throughout the deli and beyond.

From farm to table, DeLallo guarantees only the highest quality for your table.