5 Outside the Box Pizza Parties You Need To Throw Now

POSTED April 9, 2018

Hi pizza lovers! As you know our own “personal pizza” month is well underway and we are beyond impressed with your Instagram submissions for your favorite recipes. Keep them coming!

Oh, and by the way, have you figured out your pizza personality yet?  If not, hop to it because today we’ve got some incredible new ideas for your next pizza party.



Whether you’re a pizza traditionalist or like to get a little crazy with your pie, these ideas will get everyone in the mood to throw up some dough and get ready to party!

1. Say “bon appétit” to your besties.

Invite your friends to come in costume as their favorite Frenchies like Coco Chanel, Voltaire or the Pink Panther. And if you need a *magnifique* recipe…how about this Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza? Rich and creamy Alfredo sauce makes it the Eiffel Tower of totally indulgent pizza.

2.  Serve up a night of “mashups”.

Pasta? Pizza? Why choose? Throw a one-of-a-kind potluck where your friends bring two in one apps, sides and desserts.

From Moo Shu Sloppy Joes to Brookies (brownie cookies!), challenge your pals to come up with creative ways to integrate two favorites into one.

And if you’re responsible for the main course, here’s a little cheat sheet. This Penne Pepperoni Pizza blends two favorites together so well, you’ll forget they’re technically two separate dishes.  Mangia!

3.  If you want to eat, you have to compete.

From Chopped to Top Chef, competitive cooking remains all the rage. Mystery baskets, time limits, cutthroat competitors. What’s not to love?

If you’ve ever tossed around the idea of competing in a challenge with your friends, a pizza party is a great way to try it out! Load up on dough, sauce, cheese, olives, pesto, artichokes, anchovies…then let your imaginations run wild.

Who knows, maybe all the ingredients for Easy Pesto & Smoked Gouda Pizza with Lemon & Burrata Cheese just happen to show up in your mystery basket. We won’t tell.

4.  Reserve a table for two… in your kitchen.

Not every party has to involve a group of hungry friends. Sometimes you just want to relax with your sweetie, a great cabernet and a killer combo of sweet and savory.

Somehow this Easy Goat Cheese & Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula & Sour Cherry feels unexpected and deliciously comfortable all at the same time. Arugula adds a peppery bite to creamy goat cheese while sweet-and-sour cherry balances out savory prosciutto.

This is one that checks all the boxes of a perfect date night in.

5.  Spice up your night with some fiery recipes!

Skip the buffalo chicken dip and burn your mouth (in the best possible way) with our 4-Alarm Spicy Sausage & Pesto Pizza with Roasted Corn & Jalapeños. Our Hot & Spicy Simply Pesto® Sauce blended with jalapeño peppers and pepper jack cheese may make you beg for mercy if you don’t have the milk close by.

Have some cool desserts on hand like this tiramisu ice cream to provide your tastebuds and your real buds some much-needed respite from the heat.

Now, what are you waiting for!? It’s time to plan a party! And if you discover a new recipe during any of your pizza adventures, don’t forget to share your pizza creation  and tag @DeLalloFoods and use #DeLalloEats.  Click here for prize details.

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