8 Favorite Bucatini Recipes


Bucatini is one of the favorite cuts of pasta used by chefs and it is one of our favorites as well! Originating in the Lazio region of Italy, Bucatini is a long, extruded cut of pasta that has a hole running through the center, making it hollow (Buco means hole in Italian). This straw-like pasta not only gets coated with sauce on the outside, it also gets coated and filled on the inside so the flavors of the sauce soak into each strand. It easily sucks up lighter tomato and seafood-based sauces and is famous for its starring role in classics like Amatriciana and Carbonara.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make Bucatini:

Well, before the current bucatini shortage, the tubular pasta was a favorite among chefs and noodle aficionados. Whereas other long pastas get coated in sauce, bucatini gets both coated and filled with sauce so the flavors have a chance to fully soak into each strand. The texture, especially when cooked al dente and paired with a robust sauce, is pleasantly toothsome and delightful. Of course, now that word is out that we need to ration our bucatini pasta, the obsession is only getting stronger.

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