Five Fun And Festive Holiday Cocktails

Christmas is the time of year to take your entertaining plans up a notch. Whether you want to spend a little extra time on a classy cocktail, or you want a quick mixed drink to toast with your pals, we have five incredible drink recipes to help you make the holidays just a little more special.

Need a winter warm-up? With coconut water, lime juice and lots of fresh mint, this tropical cocktail will transport you to a warmer climate. Add a splash of vodka and garnish with our Sweet and Tangy Pepper Drops for an extra kick that will put a fresh twist on your next cocktail party.

The next time you stay in on a cold winter’s night, try this martini to spice things up. We elevate a classic gin martini with a skewer of Fresh Garlic & Hot Pepper Antipasto. Don’t let the pungent garlic flavor scare you off! Our antipasto is marinated in a brine that takes the harsh flavor out of the garlic, leaving behind a rich, tangy addition to your drink.

You can’t let the holidays go by without toasting something bubbly! We take a plain Prosecco to the next level by pairing it with a classic Italian Negroni. This drink goes down so easy it’ll make you want to raise a glass with loved ones all winter long.

With candied orange peel, fresh orange juice, fig spread and Balsamic vinegar, this classy cocktail will upgrade your next gathering to an elegant affair. Just beware: It’s tough to limit yourself to only one of these sweet, citrusy Bourbon cocktails. Proceed with caution!

Thanks to our Instant Espresso Baking Powder, you can get the rich flavor of a coffee-based cocktail without all the work. It only takes a few steps to make this chocolatey holiday drink: Just make an instant espresso, combine with vodka, Kahlua and milk, and garnish with chocolate syrup and more espresso powder. The result is a rich cocktail that’s so good you might want it in place of dessert!