Lent Recipes + Other Meatless Meal Ideas

POSTED February 15, 2018
Buttery Shrimp & Tomato Cioppino

No Meat on Fridays? No Problem!

Lent season is upon us! Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate the season or just recipes to diversify your fish and seafood dinners, this recipe roundup is sure to inspire some kitchen creations.

What is Lent?

In Italy, Lent is a time of reflection and self-sacrifice. For the 40 days leading up to Easter (just after the indulgent festivities of Carnevale), many choose to abstain from meat; some observe meat abstinence during Fridays only. Along with meat, many choose to “fast”—not starve, but rather give up a particular food of enjoyment. Many will choose to “give up” sweets like chocolate, cheese or other indulgent foods. All of this is to show solidarity with those less fortunate. Along with food choices, Lent is also known to inspire positive changes, generosity and volunteer work.

This tradition has been carried on in the U.S. with fish fry Fridays and seafood specials. This mindful season of self-sacrifice has inspired many kitchen creations as a way to diversify meatless meals. One can only do so many fried fish sandwiches, it seems!

Check out some of our favorite fish and seafood recipes for the season!

Fiery One-Pot Seafood Pasta with Arrabbiata

Not only is this recipe a cinch, but it ups your dinner game with tender shrimp, sweet scallops and juicy mussels which makes it ideal for a weeknight quick-fix or a next-level dinner party. (Recipe from KillingThyme.com)

Tuna Steaks with White Beans

A healthy seafood dish with boat loads of flavor. We season tender, nutty cannellini beans with fresh Roma tomatoes, arugula, garlic and lemon zest alongside crisp, savory pancetta. Nothing complements these steaks better!

Lemon Herb Salmon Burgers

These lemony and herbaceous salmon patties are hard to resist… especially paired up with a simple superstar salad featuring our signature SaladSavors® Salad Toppings. (Recipe from PinchofYum.com)

Halibut with Olive Bruschetta

Did you know one of your favorite antipasti picks can serve as a super flavorful addition to weeknight recipes? Just a few spoonfuls of our beloved tart-and-briny Olive Bruschetta take this simple halibut entrée to new heights.

Linguine with Olives + Shrimp

Savory green and black olives, succulent shrimp and a savory marinara sauce team up with our Italian Spaghetti to create an impressively complex pasta dish.

Baked Salmon with Brown Butter Balsamic Glaze

What’s on your menu tonight? How about tender flaky fillets of salmon served up with a savory-sweet balsamic brown butter? We recommend serving it up with a fresh greens salad with a citrusy dressing.

Brown Butter Halibut Orzo and Mushroom Broth

This dish is somewhere between a pasta dish and a soup. No matter how you categorize it, it’s sheer rustic elegance. Perfect for a Date-Night IN. (Recipe from ASpicyPerspective.com)

Whole-Wheat Orzo with Scallops in Lemon Cream Sauce

Whole-Wheat Orzo with Scallops in Lemon Cream Sauce

An unforgettable pasta recipe featuring our tasty whole-wheat orzo and seared scallops dazzled with a light, lemony cream sauce and a kiss of garlic.

Buttery Shrimp & Tomato Cioppino

Buttery Shrimp & Tomato Cioppino

This traditional seafood stew features buttery, tangy tomato flavors with the kiss of garlic and fresh herbs. Served with a loaf of fresh, crusty Italian bread for sopping up each tasty drop.