Whole Wheat Orecchiette

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Orecchiette are a distinct small ear-shaped pasta from Puglia, where they are famously prepared with broccoli rabe, in Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa. Their shape is perfect for scooping up sauces and smaller ingredients like peppers and crumbled Italian sausage. 

DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Pasta begins with a high-quality blend of Italian organic durum wheat. Wheat is chosen for its beautiful color, wonderful aroma and high protein content. All of these characteristics create a pasta with ideal appearance, flavor and al dente texture when cooked. This wheat is ground into whole-wheat flour, then kneaded with rich mountain spring water for everything you love about traditional pasta, but with the benefits of whole grains. Pasta is extruded with bronze dies for a rough surface texture perfect for capturing sauces. True to tradition, we dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures to retain the pasta’s taste, texture and aroma.

  • Made in Italy.
  • 100% certified organic durum wheat.
  • Expertly milled wheat for the texture of traditional pasta.
  • Made with whole wheat and water: no additives or preservatives.
  • Extruded with bronze dies for rough surface area that absorbs and captures sauces.
  • Always cooks up al dente.
  • Perfect scoop shape for catching sauces and small ingredients.

Kitchen and Usage Tips:

Orecchiette pasta are concave disc shapes great for scooping up chunky, thick sauces and small ingredients like vegetables, beans and Italian sausage. Orecchiette shines in a number of pasta dishes, including cold picnic pasta salads, hearty meat ragùs, cream sauces, pesto and vegetable primavera-style sauces. We love Orecchiette with sausage and broccoli tossed in olive oil and topped with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Whole-Wheat Orecchiette? Orecchiette translates to “little ears” for their round disc shape. The scoop-like shape of this pasta makes it perfect for capturing sauces and ingredients. Whole-wheat pasta is heart-healthy pasta that is made with durum wheat semolina that uses all parts of the grain.

What Is Whole-Wheat Orecchiette Made Of? DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Orzo is made with a select blend of high-quality durum wheat that has been certified organic. The whole kernel of wheat is ground into semolina flour. From there, it is combined with mountain spring water and kneaded into pasta dough. Our Whole-Wheat Pasta is simple—wheat and water, no additives or fillers.

Is Whole-Wheat Orecchiette Gluten Free? No, Whole-Wheat Orecchiette is not gluten free. It is made with wheat, which contains gluten.

Is Whole-Wheat Orecchiette Healthy? Is Whole-Wheat Orecchiette High In Carbs? Whole-grain products represent a high-fiber diet. For this reason, whole-wheat pasta is known to improve blood sugar control, heart health and weight management. Though whole-wheat pasta isn’t low in carbohydrates, it is lower in calories and higher in fiber than traditional refined semolina pasta.

What Is The Difference Between Whole-Wheat Orecchiette And Whole-Grain Orecchiette? Wheat is a grain and so pasta classified as “whole- wheat” is also “whole-grain.” The reverse is not true, as a product that is “whole grain” can be made up of any grains—not just wheat. A “whole-wheat” is made with only whole wheat.

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