Sharp White English Cheddar 7 oz.

Product Weight:
7 oz.


DeLallo Coastal English Cheddar is a rich and buttery cow’s milk cheese made in England. Aged for up to 15 months, this prized English Cheddar boasts a smooth texture that is both firm and creamy, studded with crunchy protein crystals from its superior aging. Its flavor is irresistibly sweet and salty with a subtle tangy sharpness.

Pairing recommendation: Hot Sopressata and a bold, fruity Malbec.

  • Authentic English Cheddar.
  • Aged for up to 15 months for a firm, creamy texture studded with crunchy protein crystals.
  • Irresistibly smooth and buttery with a salty-sweet contrast.
  • Popular cheese for snacking and entertaining.
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