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Cooking with Rosemary

Throughout history and literature, rosemary (rosmarino, in Italian) has been associated with a variety of qualities and virtues, and inspired a host of poetic associations. In ancient mythology, the nine

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Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Pepperazzi™ Peppers with Marcona Almonds

Meet the Pepperazzi™ Pepper

These famous sweet-and-spicy Peruvian peppers are an antipasto superstar! Their round sturdy hollows make them perfect for stuffing, while their irresistibly tangy flavor makes them an amazing accent to a

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Canning Tomatoes for Passata

The pleasure of eating tomatoes from your own garden all year-round requires the delightfully messy and fun operation called passata, canning cooked pureed tomatoes. Once upon the time, there were

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Liguria, Italy

The coastal region of Liguria forms a long narrow crescent along the Ligurian Sea towards the northern part of Italy. Four provinces – Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia –

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DeLallo Taggiasca Olives

Get to Know: Taggiasca Olives

A small, fruity Italian olive from Linguria, Italy, the beloved Taggiasca olive (named for the village of its origin) is harvested both for table olives and olive oil. ORIGIN Taggia,

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Gelato, Italian Frozen Custard

With brightly colored, fresh fruits and an assortment of mix-ins like macadamia nuts or cocoa, gelato is an oasis on a stifling, summer day. Where the American equivalent, ice cream

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Cooking with Sage

“Salve!” is one of the most common ways to greet someone in Italy – more or less the equivalent to “Hi!” in the United States. The Italian word for sage,

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Scarpetta: The Little Shoe What do you do – you’ve just finished the last forkful of your favorite spaghetti alle cozze (spaghetti with mussels) and now you’re dying to relish

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Bruschetta vs. Crostini

Bruschetta and crostini are both bread preparations used in antipasti – but what is the difference? We explain the different kinds of bread used for bruschetta and crostini, and the

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Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Along this north-south road powerful Renaissance families ruled individual towns, from the Bentivoglios in Bologna to the Malatesta family in Rimini and the Este family in Ferrara. These aristocrats enjoyed

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