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Polenta: From Peasant to Present

A Northern Italian staple, this humble Italian peasant food has emerged as a versatile fine-dining-style comfort food. Polenta can be made into layered terrines (in its solid form) or easy

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All About Salami

With at least 300 different denominations hailing from every region in Italy, salami is not just a kid favorite, but a classic and seemingly simple way to enjoy a meal.

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All About Capers

Although small in stature and easily overlooked in appearance the caper is an explosion of flavor. They are pungent, peppery buds of a perennial shrub. One of the most surprising

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Baked Parmesan 101

From the cheesy baked dish to the innovative sandwich version, it’s clear everyone loves the cheesy, crispy fried goodness of Baked Parmesan recipes. We wanted to share some insights and

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Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce 101

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with DeLallo’s delicious imported Italian Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce! This versatile condiment brings bold, fresh flavor to a myriad of recipes, so get

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Cooking with Tomatoes

This article explores the argument of fresh tomatoes versus their canned counterpart. When is fresh preferred? What are the drawbacks of using canned? Both taste and texture all depend on

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All About Artichokes

The artichoke is a versatile and delicious vegetable, the bud of a giant flower. Prized in Italy, where it came to popular favor from the tables of the Medici, the

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Osso Buco, Milanese-Style Veal

Osso Buco alla Milanese is a cherished trademark of Milan, popular in the winter, when its rich and filling qualities are appreciated. “L’oss bus a la milanesa” as it’s called

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