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Torrone, Italian Nougat Candy

Torrone is a cream-colored confection of sugar, honey and egg whites speckled with toasted, sliced almonds. While it is normally a treat eaten around the holidays, torrone can be enjoyed

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How To: Homemade Fresh Pasta

Recipe: Fresh Italian Egg Pasta My mother never measured anything… especially flour when it came to making pasta. Each time we made pasta, I would have my little notebook out and

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Orecchiette with Beans & Pancetta

Fava Beans, The Green Protein

Fava beans are a centuries-old, archetypal “fast food” that used to be eaten in the fields, sustaining men and women working up to twelve hours in rugged conditions, keeping them going

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All About Bolognese

Bolognese sauce (ragù alla Bolognese) is, first and foremost, a meat sauce. Anyone who has ancestral ties to Italy, and most especially to Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region, will be

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Pasqua: Easter in Italy

Spring’s Harvest The feast on Easter Sunday is a culmination of weeks of religious rituals as well as homage to spring. Typically, in Italy, the Pasqua table is vibrant with

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Perciatelli all'Amatriciana

How To: Sauce and Serve Pasta

Behind every great pasta is a great sauce. But it’s not just the sauce’s flavor that matters, but when and how the sauce and come together. Correctly saucing your pasta is the

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All About Beans

Boasting a long list of health benefits, beans are a great option for warmer weather dishes, like salads and spreads, as well as a hearty addition to winter preparations, often

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