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All About Beans

Boasting a long list of health benefits, beans are a great option for warmer weather dishes, like salads and spreads, as well as a hearty addition to winter preparations, often

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Molise, Italy

The second-smallest region in Italy, Molise was until the early 1960s considered part of the region of Abruzzo. Bordered on the east by the Adriatic Sea, Molise shares the rest

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Campania, Italy

Located in the southern part of Italy, Campania sits at the front of the “boot” and boasts an excellent stretch of coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea. It governs the isle

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Abruzzo, Italy

The region of Abruzzo sits center-east in Italy’s long, narrow leg. About two-thirds of the region is mountainous, featuring the Apennine range, but is bordered by a healthy stretch of

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Sicily, Italy

The island region of Sicily is one of Italy’s most recognizable names. It’s impossible to turn on a television without finding a movie or a show that makes reference –

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Get to Know: San Remo Olives

Small, nutty and sweet, the San Remo is grown in Linguria, a province of Northern Italy along the Italian Riveria.   ORIGIN Liguria, Italy (along the Italian Riveria)   DELALLO

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Cooking with Bay Leaves

Sacred to Zeus in ancient Greek mythology, the laurel tree (also known as the bay laurel or the bay tree) is omnipresent in the Mediterranean region. Long before biblical times,

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Get to Know: Picholine Olives

Like Niçoise olives, the Picholine is another famous French olive with a low crop yield. Because of this, they are mostly sold and eaten domestically. ORIGIN Gard, a region of

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Get to Know: Halkidiki Olives

ORIGIN Halkidiki Penninsula, Greece   DELALLO VARIETIES   QUICK FACTS A young green olive with hues ranging from straw-colored to light, golden green. First, olives are alkaline treated to reduce

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Basil Pesto Risotto

Cooking with Basil

The leaves of this plant are so delightful and habit-forming, you have to marvel that it hasn’t been made illegal. Basil is undoubtedly the most loved and popular herb in

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Marche, Italy

In the Italian region of Marche, time seems to stand still. Still a largely isolated region, Marche is a wealth of architecture and recipes dating back to Medieval times and

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Sardinia, Italy

The island region of Sardinia offers up some of the most interesting and unique history in Italy’s already culturally diverse repertoire. From very early on, Sardinia has been a location

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