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Italian Recipes and Recommendations 

A rigatoni sausage frittata with a couple pieces missing

Pasta Frittata

We’re sure you’ve heard of a frittata: the Italian cousin of the French omelet. These egg dishes vary in their presentation and can be loaded with sautéed veggies, melty cheeses,

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Spicy Italian-Styled Ramen with Tofu served in a bowl

Italian-Style Ramen

What Is Ramen? When you think “ramen,” you might imagine that inexpensive package of dry noodles with the salty spice packet, but we’re talking about something a little different. It’s

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A pair of tongs sticks out of the skillet with the butternut squash carbonara

Winter Carbonara

With its rich flavors, creamy texture and filling presence (from the eggs and pork), carbonara is the definition of comfort food, really. This classic is more than ready to take

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How to Make Pasta Carbonara

Learning to make an authentic carbonara sauce isn’t just an incredible experience … it’s a must! The process is simple, but just as important as the integrity of the ingredients

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Amatriciana Sauce tops a plate of noodles

The Best Sauce Recipes

The All-Inclusive Best Sauce Recipe Guide In Italian cooking, it’s all about the sauce. True partners in deliciousness, pasta, and sauce go together like… well, pasta and sauce! How can

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