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Castelvetrano Olives

Castelvetrano olives are a Sicilian green olive famous for their green color, irresistible buttery-sweet flavor, and crisp, meaty texture. When buying this varietal, look for natural Castelvetrano olives that are

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Spanish Queen Olives

This plump, green olive is known for its large size and pimento filling. Like the Spanish Manzanilla, the Queen is a common olive that hails from the region of Sevilla.

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Bella di Cerignola

Bella di Cerignola olives, or Cerignola, are enormous Italian olives with an irresistibly mild, buttery flavor and tender bite. These mild “beauties” are recommended for the olive-eating newbies of the

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Black Greek Olives

Black Greek olives are one of Greece’s most popular table olive varieties. These olives are known for their purple to black hue, soft meaty texture, and tart, tangy, slightly acidic

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Calamata Olives

Calamata olives are the most well-known Greek varietal. They are characterized by their almond shape and deep purple to black hue. Calamata olives have widespread popularity outside of Greece thanks

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Picholine Olives

The Picholine is a crisp, firm olive possessing a light green color, almond shape and firm bite. The flavor is lemony finishing with a mild contrast of briny and buttery.

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How to Make Pesto

Summer has arrived and basil plants are in full swing. Around here, that means one thing: It’s pesto season! When you use the perfect proportions of the freshest possible ingredients,

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