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Basil Pesto Risotto

Cooking with Basil

The leaves of this plant are so delightful and habit-forming, you have to marvel that it hasn’t been made illegal. Basil is undoubtedly the most loved and popular herb in

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Marche, Italy

In the Italian region of Marche, time seems to stand still. Still a largely isolated region, Marche is a wealth of architecture and recipes dating back to Medieval times and

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Sardinia, Italy

The island region of Sardinia offers up some of the most interesting and unique history in Italy’s already culturally diverse repertoire. From very early on, Sardinia has been a location

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Parmigiano Antipasto Cups

Small Bites in Venice

In Venice, the custom called andar a cicheti, or stopping by the bàcaro for a glass of food or wine and some small bites of a delicious appetizer, is considered

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Riesling Pairing #1: Wine, Cheese and Olive Pairing

All About Sopressa and Sopressata

Similar to salami, sopresse and sopressate have their own taste, history and tradition. While most are distinct to region, all are delicious! Both sopresse and sopressate (plural forms) are similar

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Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing #2: Wine, Cheese & Olive Pairing

How To: Homemade Wine

There is nothing more satisfying then uncorking your own, homemade bottle of wine. We give you a brief list of wines and their characteristics, followed by instructions on making your

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Calabrian Pepper Pizza with Mascarpone and Italian Sausage

Cooking with Hot Peppers

One of the most beautiful colors of summer in Southern Italy is the deep red of chili peppers, strung together and hung out to dry—especially in Calabria. This region, at

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Get to Know: Niçoise Olives

Only grown in the French Riviera with a low crop yield, Niçoise Olives are mostly sold and eaten domestically. These deep brown olives have little flesh with a large pit.

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Cooking with Parsley

Parsley: one of the most commonly used herbs, under-rated and totally necessary. There’s an expression in Italy, most often said to kids: “Sei come il prezzemolo, sei dappertutto,” which means “You’re

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