DeLallo Gnocchi

Gnocchi: the Italian Dumpling

The Perfect Pasta For Every Recipe

A classic Italian pasta, these pillowy potato dumplings make for a hearty meal no matter how you serve them: baked with creamy cheeses, sautéed with wintery veggies, dressed in a tangy tomato sauce… you name it.

Three Delicious Varieties

DeLallo Potato Gnocchi

Made with 85% potato, DeLallo Potato Gnocchi are light and airy with a savory flavor, bringing the rich tradition of Northern Italy to every bite.

DeLallo Mini Potato Gnocchi

These gnocchi are made with 85% potato, and are just as light and airy! The mini size lends itself to soups and baked pasta dishes where a smaller bite is just right!

DeLallo Gluten-Free Gnocchi

These loveable Italian dumplings boast the beloved taste and light, airy texture of traditional gnocchi...
just without the wheat.

Ways to Use Gnocchi

How To: Homemade Gnocchi

With a few simple ingredients and a little muscle, go homemade with your own classic dumplings. Whether you pair them with a tomato sauce or an herbaceous pesto, potato gnocchi are deliciously hearty pasta perfect to serve up for any occasion.

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