Raw Pecans & Dried Cherries 2.5 oz



Raw Pecans & Dried Cherries 2.5 oz
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Orange Pecan Biscotti

DeLallo Biscotti are shaped, cut and packed by hand to ensure an authentic experience. DeLallo Orange Pecan Biscotti are sweetly aromatic infused with sunny citrus and studded with crunchy pecans...

Dried Pears

Dried Pears

Dried Pears are sweet and mild with an irresistible soft and chewy texture. Perfect for snacking and serving, pears add a mild and fragrant sweetness to salads, cheese pairings, charcuterie boards,...

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Dried Cranberries

Dried Cranberries are vibrant and tangy-sweet with a chewy bite. Great for snacking and serving, cranberries add a bright fruity flavor to salads, trail mixes, cheese boards, charcuterie plates,...

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Starring famously sweet and vibrant sun-dried tomatoes, this authentic Italian recipe is a stunning yet simple appetizer paired with crispy toasts or Italian bread. DeLallo Sun-Dried Tomato...

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Raw almonds are pure, unsalted, unadulterated snacking bliss. Sweet with a mild nutty flavor and smooth snappy crunch, almonds are perfect for eating straight from the bag or mixing in with your...


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