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Wine, Cheese & Olive Pairings


Boasting bold, bright flavors with an irresistible Mediterranean flair, olives were made for pairing. Bring your palate to life with these stunning, out-of-this world combinations, but feel free to do some discovering of your own—the possibilities are endless.


Sharing food with family and friends is one of the greatest ceremonies of all - the table is set for a celebration of food and the olive is the invitation. They are a delight enjoyed one at a time, but their real pleasure begins when you consider them an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine.

While there's an anything-goes antic to the pairings game – Truly, do what tastes good to you – there's an etiquette when it comes to eating olives. It is one that lacks pretention of any kind. After all, this is a treat whose pit can be discarded neatly on a plate without faux pas.

So, select your favorites from our collection, and get creative — with olives, cheeses, wines, and wonderful foods that bond well … and the people that do, too.

DeLallo Olive Pairing Article | Olives Gigante, Pears, Parmesan

Olives Gigante, Red Danjou Pears, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Olive Medley with Parmigiano-Reggiano & Chardonnay

A crisp, flinty Chardonnay marries the olive medley – California green olives, Jumbo Calamata olives, Mammoth Black Greek Olives – with shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, complex and always favorable – with a crystal crunch.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives with Pears & Sherry

Sherry, served sweetly at room temperature, pairs well with a plump olive stuffed with pungent blue cheese. A cool, crunchy pear finishes the flavor off nicely and holds the zest of the cheese on the tip of the tongue while the Sherry rolls in the back of the throat.

Seasoned Olives Gigante with Imported Sharp Provolone & White Merlot

Roped rinds of imported sharp provolone, slightly smoky and spicy, are rustic when paired with the collasal Seasoned Olives Gigante and swirled with a blushing White Merlot, with its infusions of strawberries and summer.

Mammoth Black Greek Olives with Kasseri Cheese & Garnacha

Mammoth Black Greek olives have a gentle bite that mellows with creamy, buttery kasseri cheese. A medium-bodied Garnacha, with cherry, raspberry, and pepper aromas finish the flavor.

Piccante Green Pitted Olives with Extra Sharp Cheddar & Cabernet Franc

Fierce fresh chilies pinch the tip of the tongue with the first bold bite into a Piccante Green Pitted Olive. The tango lives on with a warm, creamy extra sharp cheddar. And the fire is ignited again with an herbal Cabernet Franc, leaving notes of bell pepper.

Extra Large Pitted Calamata Seasoned Olives with Feta & Pinot Noir

The fleshy, tart Calamata olive is spiked with wet, white cards of feta cheese, its tangy sharpness salting over the tongue. A pour of Pinot Noir adds spice with whispers of sassafras, rosemary, and cinnamon.

Italian Aglio Green Pitted with Aged Farmhouse Cheddar & Periquita

Garlicky Italian Aglio Green Pitted Olives combined with soft, aged Farmhouse Cheddar meld flavors of an aromatic baked potato. Sips of aged Periquita wine, a Portugese import, rounds off the sampling with notes of fig.


Greek Feta Stuffed Olives, Fresh Veggies, Hummus & Pita Pairing Idea Fresh Garlic & Pepper Antipasto with Breadsticks, Meats & Cheese Cornucopia Antipasto with Sourdough Pretzels & Porter Beer
Greek Feta Stuffed Olives, Fresh
Veggies, Hummus & Pita 
Fresh Garlic & Pepper Antipasto
Italian Cold Cuts & Cheese
Cornucopia Antipasto with
Pretzers & Porter


Mixed Olive Salad with Colby Cheese & Riesling

A colorful mix of hot banana peppers, crunchy blossoms of cauliflower, rigid cuts of carrot and tart and zesty olives toss flavors. Creamy cuts of mild colby cheese wrangle them in, while Riesling sweetens the pot.

Oil Cured Olives Seasoned with Ricotta Salata & Cabernet Sauvignon

Pruney oil cured olives slick tart over the tongue, their bitterness soaking up the soothing Ricotta Salata with it's dry Southern Italian romance. A violet and cedar tannic Caber

net Sauvignon smooths the snappish olive and the bite-back cheese.

Feta Stuffed Olives with Pita Bread & Soave

Lightly salty crumbles of feta marinate with the light pop of the olive and conjure up a fanciful Mediterranean reverie when accompanied by warm halves of fresh pita bread and light Italian Soave, with just a hint of almond.

Jumbo Sicilian Green Olives with Fontinella & Zinfandel

The creaminess of the Roman table cheese, Fontinella, beautifully mimics the buttery essense of the Jumbo Sicilian Green Olives. A lively and complex Zinfandel is the perfect pairing ; the softness of the butter and cheese melds well with a lusty wine.

Sicilian Green Cracked Olive with Mozzarella & Marsala

The earthy and aromatic Sicilian cured olive, cracked to infuse richness of flavor, marinates with thick, moist cuts of fresh mozzarella. A rich, smoky, dry Marsala magnifies both tastes.

Hot Pitted Olive Salad with Harvarti & Rioja

A medley of spicy savory olives ignite cravings for milky cool Harvarti cheese. A classic, bold red Rioja wine stirs in flavors of Spain and spins the salad into a salsa.

Super Colossal Calabrese Olives with Gorgonzola & Bordeaux

The Super Colossal Calabrese Olive has a softer, somewhat buttery, farm flavor that kicks up its salty factor when paired with a robust Gorgonzola cheese and a red Bourdeaux with an earthy nose, a fruity taste, and a spicy finish.

Bella Di Cerignola Mixed with Mild Asiago & Bardolino

The Bella Di Cerignola olive is a brilliant green jewel, whose flesh melts from its pit, mild and buttery – making even a mild table Asiago cheese seem pungent and powerful. A dry Italian Bardolino wine finishing bitter, producing a punchline.

Garlic Stuffed Olives with Taleggio & Merlot

The aged, tan-colored Taleggio cheese has a tang to it that stirs the garlic stuffed olives, releasing more flavor in this classic Italian pairing. A Merlot, pulsing with plum, gives it a dessert finish.

Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Olives with Goat Cheese & Sauvignon Blanc

The sundried tomato stuffed olives reigns rustic and can be smeared with soft, young, flavor-rich goat cheese. A soft Sauvignon Blanc, with sweet vanilla and wood is an addicting accompaniment.

Gorgonzola Stuffed Olives with Figs & Sangiovese

A handful of dried figs intensify the tembre and texture of the full-bodied gorgonzola-stuffed olives. The Sangiovese is dark and fruity, with lingerings of oak, to bring this earthy pairing full circle.

Provolone Stuffed Olives with Walnuts & Shiraz

A buttery Provolone stuffed olive muses well with a crunchy walnut – the salt of the olive seizes the tongue, and the nut releases it. A rich, dark Shiraz balances both, leaving behind ripe fruits and peppered tannins on the palate.

Super Supreme Whole Green Olives with Sharp Asiago & Pinot Grigio

Though super supreme, the whole green olives need the legs of a sharp, substantial Asiago to lift them to enlightment. A classic chilled Pinot Grigio, with hints of berries and honey, finishes crisp and clean.


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