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DeLallo Cibo Chat Blog | Game Day Entertaining with the Mediterranean

Game Day Entertaining with the Mediterranean

After the excitement of the holidays dies down, there are few things to look forward to: the warmer weather (here in Pennsylvania, anyway), cashing in on those gift cards... and the Superbowl, of course! We wouldn't necessarily call it a holiday, but like so many holidays, the Superbowl brings its own wave of traditions: football jerseys,...
DeLallo Holiday Blog | Recipes, Info, Ideas and More

The Countdown to Christmas

The holiday season is upon us! How do we know here in Pennsylvania? Well, it's been so cold that I don't think I've felt my nose in weeks! But really, you can feel it in the air: the busy shops and streets, the bright lights on ever corner, the warm smells of holiday sweets emanating from the DeLallo kitchens. By now, you should've...
DeLallo Blog: Falling in Love with Gnocchi

Falling in Love with Gnocchi

  For many of us, fall is reminiscent of colorful leaves, apple picking and pumpkin carving... but also, heartier hot dishes like gnocchi. There's no better way to celebrate the chilly weather than with the pillowy potato gnocchi.     Originating in Northern Italy, where potatoes are easier to come by than grain, gnocchi are...
DeLallo Cibo Chat Blog | A SaladSavors™ Celebration with Our Blogger Friends!

A SaladSavors™ Celebration with Our Blogger Friends!

We thought the excitement of our latest product, SaladSavors™ Salad Toppings, couldn't get any more colorful and exciting. That is until we decided to invite our blogger friends to join in the party! Sommer, from A Spicy Perspective, Jessica, from How Sweet it is, and Maria, from Two Peas and Their Pod, joined us in Pittsburgh to get the...
How Do You Pesto? Instagram DeLallo Giveaway

How Do You Pesto? Instagram Giveaway

A flavorful Italian tradition, pesto sauce is made to be eaten crudo, or raw, not cooked like most sauces. Why? Cooking fresh herbs can take away from their super fresh presence in your recipes. In Italy, basil pesto, or Pesto alla Genovese consists of handpicked Lingurian basil, garlic, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and aged Italian cheeses...
DeLallo Cibo Chat Blog | NEW DeLallo Simply Pesto + Giveaway

NEW DeLallo Simply Pesto + Giveaway

It's here! Simply Pesto! We've been anticipating the long-awaited launch of our newest Italian pesto line since... well, for what seems like forever! The DeLallo team gets so excited about new products that we can barely contain ourselves. And to celebrate with you all, we thought we'd let you in on the excitement. Why we love Simply...
Find us in Chicago and Win! - DeLallo Chicago Giveaway

Find us in Chicago and Win!

That's right, foodie fans! We'll be in Chicago for this year's blogging conference. We're geeked! Why Blogher? To celebrate the upcoming launch of our newest product and meet up with our blogging buddies, of course. We recommend stopping by to see us! We'll be the ones in the brightly colored tees handing out free DeLallo gear...
Easter at DeLallo | Blog

Eastering the Italian Way

In Italy, Pasqua, or what we know as Easter in the U.S., is another reason to gather friends and family at the table and eat! Italians know how to celebrate every holiday with an epic feast, so it's no surprise that Easter presents another opportunity to dazzle friends and family with traditional dishes: baked pasta, roasted cuts of lamb, savory...
DeLallo Blog | In the News: Mediterranean for Health

In the News: Mediterranean for Health

"EAT ITALIAN. LIVE LONGER." According to a new study reported last week, this motto holds more truth than one may think. The New England Journal of Medicine impressed the world with its latest findings in "Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet." Funded by the Spanish governments's Instituto de Salud Carlos III,...
DeLallo Ingredient Blog: Make It Crispy with More Breadcrumb-Inspired Recipes

Make It Crispy with More Breadcrumb-Inspired Recipes

To celebrate our newest line of gourmet breadcrumbs, we wanted to share some of our latest breadcrumb-inspired recipes with you. A versatile pantry staple, breadcrumbs star in a myriad of recipes—from baking and frying to toasting. Breadcrumbs have become super stars in the kitchen, especially on weeknights when from-scratch cooking isn't...

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