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Balsamic Every Way

  Balsamic on all the things!  Popular for its sweet, dark presence in dressings and vinaigrettes, balsamic is more than just a great way to dazzle your leafy greens. This celebrated Italian vinegar begins as Trebbiano grape must and red wine vinegar from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Balsamic can be purchased as a thicker...

3 Ways to Celebrate Spring + #ThinkSpring Giveaway

  We're in celebration mode here at DeLallo. Sunshine, at last! And with the warmer weather comes new opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. You can't go on eating those hearty, cold-weather meals much longer. So now what? We've got 3 tips to get you cooking this spring.   1. Put pesto on everything.   It's...
DeLallo Blog | Top 10 Weekend Snack Ideas

Top 10 Weekend Snack Ideas

  Like you need more reasons to love the weekend... It's just that the weekdays can get so hectic sometimes that good eating is hardly a priority. That's why the weekend gives us every excuse to get in the kitchen and create something great. That's why we're sharing our current Top 10 Weekend Snack Ideas.   10. Italian...
DeLallo Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas + Date Night Giveaway

Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas + Date Night Giveaway

  You didn't forget about date night, did you? Put down those cardboard hearts filled with premade chocolates. Leave the life-sized stuffed animals on the shelf. One of the most romantic gestures you can offer up is preparing a yummy meal for your sweetie. We all know the true meaning of Valentine's Day is to show your significant...
DeLallo Blog | Love Your Lettuce SaladSavors® Giveaway!

Love Your Lettuce SaladSavors® Giveaway!

 It's well into January and maybe you've given up on your resolutions already. Haven't put down the cannoli yet? No worries, you can always get back on track. The winter months are filled with hearty, creamy, guilt-laden meals. Hey, we haven't put away the lasagna pans for good. Instead, why not add fresh, crisp, oh-so-...
DeLallo Blog | January Warm Up with National Soup Month

January Warm Up with National Soup Month

    We can see our breath! It's no wonder we've been craving soup with these below-zero temperatures, and guess what? It's National Soup Month. We thought we'd celebrate by sharing some of our favorite soups with you. We admit it—we're a little biased. Being pasta lovers and all, we're big on plopping our...
Lucky New Year's Bites + More DeLallo 2015 Calendars

Lucky New Year's Bites + More DeLallo 2015 Calendars

You may have had your fill of eggnog and sugar plums, but the party season isn't over! With 2015 just around the corner, celebratory creations are still on the menu. We've rounded up some of our favorite party plates and pairings to share with you—in case you're in need of a little Mediterranean inspiration. You can save...
DeLallo Italian Blog | DeLallo 2015 Calendar Giveaway + Holiday Recipe Roundup

DeLallo 2015 Calendar Giveaway + Holiday Recipe Roundup

    We love traditions—hey, that's our mantra! But we know that the same meals year after year can get a little tiresome. 'Tis the season for sharing, so we wanted to share with you some ways to mix it up Mediterranean-style. Maybe you're looking for a fresh new way to enjoy traditional Italian baccalà. Or perhaps you...
DeLallo Blog - Introducing Our 2014 Holiday Gift Collection

Introducing Our 2014 Holiday Gift Collection

Everyone loves great food! So before you spend hours at the mall in search of the perfect gift, check out our new Italian gift collections.  Spread the holiday cheer with gifts for every palate. For the sweets lovers in your life, we're introducing our all-new Cookie Crush collections, featuring new favorites like our festive Chocolate...
DeLallo Blog | 2nd Annual DeLallo VIPs Retreat for Sponsored Food Bloggers

2nd Annual DeLallo VIP Retreat

For the second year in a row, we've hosted a glorious get-together with some of our foodie friends. The DeLallo VIPs Retreat is an opportunity to bring DeLallo-sponsored food bloggers from all over the country to our humble spot in Jeannette, PA (near Pittsburgh)—where DeLallo, the brand, was born in 1950. Photo credit: Ali from...
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