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National Soup Day Recipes

Only one day!? Around here in winter, there's a National Homemade Soup Day about once a week. The truth is there aren't many better ways to warm up and get cozy. Besides baked pasta, that is. Like most meals, you can get soup in a can or a jar, but why not go big and get a little DIY on your friends and family. Surprise them with something...
DeLallo Blog | 14 Polenta Recipes to Beat the Cold

14 Polenta Recipes to Beat the Cold

  The humble Italian roots of this classic cornmeal porridge is part of why we love it so much. Polenta was once just a hearty and filling meal solution for the hard-working peasants of Northern Italy. Versatile and easy to come by, these tasty "Italian grits" were a staple pairing up with any number of other ingredients—from...
DeLallo New Year's Blog | 16 Healthy Recipes

16 Healthy Recipes for a Tasty 2016

  We know, we know... everyone has their healthy recipe roundup post for 2016. But this one is different. Why? Because it features some of our favorite Italian staples done up in lighter healthier ways, plus we get to showcase our incredibly tasty SaladSavors® Salad Toppings. Besides, you've heard the news on the Mediterrean diet. It...
DeLallo New Year's Holiday Guide | Recipes & More

New Year's Holiday Guide

    Can you believe it's already 2016? Well, almost. The New Year's holiday is a time to get together with your favorite people and celebrate what lies ahead. We recommend celebrating with tasty apps, sparkling beverages and an amazing last hurrah of a meal, pork. Check out our tips for entertaining, pairing up your favorite...
DeLallo Holiday Survival Guide + Spirit of Giving Giveaway

Holiday Survival Guide + Spirit of Giving Giveaway

  Are you ready? The holdiays come so quickly, don't they? It begins with falling leaves, chilly weather and less daylight. Then before you know it, you're on Pinterest searching for table settings and humming along to "Jingle Bells" at the grocery store. While the holiday season is no doubt a splendid time of year, there...
DeLallo Italian Blog | Keep Warm in Gnocchi November

Keep Warm in Gnocchi November

  Once October ends, November comes to bring on the chill. But that's no match for our favorite pillowy potato dumpling. We thought we'd share 10 of our favorite gnocchi recipes to warm up the kitchen and help beat the cold-weather blues.   1. Get fancy. Put an egg on it.    If you haven't tried our Mini Gnocchi in...
DeLallo Italian Blog | National Pizza Month + Pizza Maker Giveaway

National Pizza Month + Pizza Maker Giveaway

  That's right. It's National Pizza Month. More than a day or week, we give this beloved classic a WHOLE MONTH. Totally deserving. We love pizza and it's not that there's anything wrong with traditional toppings like pepperoni and olives (those are actually some of our favorites), but sometimes we like to mix things up in the...
DeLallo Blog | 12 Step Recovery from Summer (to Fall) + Giveaway

12 Step Recovery from Summer (to Fall) + Giveaway

  No more tears! While we're all mourning summer, we tend to forget the great things that come with the chillier weather and shorter daylight hours. Sure, there are the colorful falling leaves, the scarves, the sweaters, football season... but there's also a myriad of seasonal recipes featuring earthy, savory, warm fall flavors. Do we...
DeLallo Blog | 12 Labor Day Recipes for Summer's End

12 Labor Day Recipes for Summer's End

  Labor Day!? Already? We know, we know. We’re just as sad as you are to say farewell to summer. Where has the time gone? Who wants to say goodbye to backyard get-togethers, garden-fresh flavors, grilled EVERYTHING…? But hey, it’s not over until it’s over. We refuse to spend our last summer weekend sulking. Instead,...

10 Fresh Ideas for Pesto + Pesto Pizza Night Giveaway

  We're on a pesto kick again. We can't help it. Who doesn't love that dreamy aromatic basil, the colorful combination of herbs and cheeses, crisp pine nuts, fresh garlic... ok, you get the idea. Whether it's the traditional Ligurian basil or a sweet sun-dried tomato variation, pesto has made its way into our kitchens (and our...
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