• Product shot of balsamic vinegar in bottle

    Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged 8.5 oz.

    Famous for its dark, sweetly complex flavor, this beloved Italian vinegar features prized Trebbiano grapes from Emilia-Romagna. Our Balsamic is aged for 2 months in traditional oak casks for an exceptional multi-layered flavor and velvety smooth texture...

  • Product Image of Golden Balsamic Vinegar

    Golden Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 oz.

    This sweet, golden-hued vinegar is made in style of traditional balsamic but with light-colored grapes. Our Golden Balsamic-Style Vinegar owns the same sweetly complex flavor but with an added crispness. Ideal for salads and marinades, this vinegar is...

  • Product image of organic flour in packaged

    Organic Italian Type 00 Flour

    DeLallo Organic Type 00 Flour is made in Italy with only the highest quality wheat that is specially milled and sifted for an ultra-fine powder-like texture. An essential ingredient in authentic Italian bakeries and pizzerias, Organic 100% Italian Type...

  • Front view of jar of Lupini Beans.

    Canned Lupini Beans 13 oz.

    A traditional Italian antipasto, DeLallo Lupini Beans are a grain legume with a sweet, nutty flavor and firm, meaty bite. Lupini Beans are a healthful, protein-packed snack straight from the jar, but also a versatile kitchen ingredient. Remove thick...