Organic Pasta

Made in Italy with organically grown durum wheat for an organic pasta that tastes good and is good for the environment.

  • Product image of organic gemelli pasta

    Organic Gemelli Noodles

    This twisted short-cut is named after the Italian word for “twins,” since it appears as two noodles intertwined. DeLallo organic Gemelli pasta is wonderful at capturing sauces, from light tomato to creamy cheese sauces. DeLallo Pasta comes...

  • Product image of organic spaghetti

    Organic Spaghetti

    The quintessential pasta cut, these famous “long strings” shine in the simplest of dishes, like Aglio e Olio and Spaghetti al Pomodoro. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a region near Naples, at the beginning of the...

  • Product image of organic rigatoni pasta

    Organic Rigatoni Pasta

    With origins in Rome, this ridged tube-shaped pasta captures chunkier sauces and meaty ragùs. Rigatoni is great for baked pasta dishes and pairs well with other Southern Italian favorites like spicy peppers and Italian sausage. DeLallo Pasta comes...

  • Product image of organic Cavatappi pasta

    Organic Cavatappi Pasta

    Hailing from Southern Italy, this fun springy pasta can be described as a twisted “corkscrew” with hole. As sturdy as it is whimsical, Cavatappi is ready to take on hearty sauces and chunky ingredients. We love it in cheesy baked pasta dishes...

  • Product image of Organic Penne Rigate

    Organic Penne Rigate Pasta

    Named for its “pen” shape, this well-known cut has angular ends that draw sauce into its hollow body. This, along with its ridges, make Penne Rigate a perfect cut for fresh tomato sauces with mozzarella and basil. It pairs great with the...

  • Product image of organic Capellini pasta

    Organic Capellini

    Known as “angel hair,” this super thin long-cut pasta shines with sauces and ingredients that are light in texture and flavor: fresh tomato, olive oil, lemon, basil, scallops and shrimp. We love adding Capellini to broth-based soups. DeLallo...

  • Product image of organic farfalle pasta

    Organic Farfalle Pasta

    Commonly known as bow ties, Farfalle are actually named for their “butterfly” shape. This prized pasta cooks up deliciously al dente because of their pinched middles. They are perfect for lighter sauces, hot or cold, and pair well with...


What Is Organic Pasta?

Organic pasta is pasta that is made with durum wheat that is naturally grown. To be organic, wheat must be grown without pesticides or hormones and fertilized with natural organic matter. This means your pasta is not just good, but good for the environment. Made in Italy, DeLallo Organic Pasta is certified organic, boasting a superior durum wheat that is organically grown and mindful of the earth.

Is Organic Pasta Better For You?

Organic pasta is healthier than regular pasta in that wheat is grown organically without the usage of harmful chemicals. To eat organic pasta means that you can enjoy your favorite Italian foods without exposure to pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

What Does Organic Pasta Mean?

Organic pasta is pasta that is made with organically grown durum wheat. This means the wheat is grown with natural organic matter as fertilizer and no use of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones.

Organic Pasta - The Delallo Difference

DeLallo Organic Pasta is made in Italy with the finest durum wheat that is organically grown with natural fertilizers and no use of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Like all of our pasta, our organic collection is made true to tradition with artisanal methods that ensure the best taste and texture. DeLallo uses bronze dies to extrude pasta, which gives it a surface texture perfect for capturing pasta. This process is more time consuming than using Teflon, but the quicker method gives pasta an inferior slippery texture. We also allow pasta to dry slowly at low temperatures rather than dry it with heat. To speed up drying times, other brands will heat the pasta, which cooks out flavor and nutrients. Our methods are to honor pasta by retaining its fresh bread flavor and toothsome texture, bringing you a superior organic pasta that will always cook up al dente.

Types (Cuts) Of Organic Pasta You Can Buy

Our Favorite Organic Pasta Recipes

The best organic pasta recipes feature the best organic pasta! Inspire your pasta night with these organic pasta recipes:

Vegetable Alfredo

Baked Pasta With Spinach, Artichokes And Brie

Green Goddess Pasta Salad


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