Manicotti & Jumbo Shells

Stuffed pasta is the comfort food you’ve been craving, and manicotti and jumbo shells are some of the best.

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    Jumbo Shells

    DeLallo Jumbo Shells are a beloved classic made with the finest hard durum wheat. These large, hollow, seashell-shaped noodles are perfect for stuffing with savory cheeses, Italian sausage, sautéed veggies and anything else you can create! Serve...

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    Manicotti Pasta

    A beloved Italian classic, DeLallo Manicotti (also known as Cannelloni) are made with the finest hard-durum wheat. These large, hollow, “sleeve”-like noodles are perfect for stuffing with savory cheeses, Italian sausage, sautéed...


What Is Manicotti?

Translated, the Italian word “manicotti” means “little sleeves,” referring to their tube-like shape. These large pasta tubes are usually ridged and approximately 4 inches long. They are made for stuffing with any number of fillings and ingredients—everything from fresh herbs and ricotta to Italian sausage to roasted vegetables. Once stuffed, Manicotti are placed in a baking dish, smothered in sauce (typically tomato sauce) and then baked until they are hot and bubbling.

Where once stuffed pasta was reserved for special occasions only, these days Manicotti and Jumbo Shells are easy enough to be served any night of the week.

What Are Jumbo Shells?

Jumbo Shells are large seashell-shaped pasta with a concave interior perfect for stuffing. The pasta dish known as “stuffed shells” traditionally consists of Jumbo Shells that are parboiled for softness, then stuffed with a creamy mixture of ricotta and herbs. The stuffed shells are arranged in a baking dish, topped with marinara and then baked until cheese and sauce are hot and bubbly. But don’t be afraid to get creative with your stuffed pasta. There are many stuffed shells recipes to explore.

Manicotti vs. Stuffed Shells: These are the names for the pasta dishes made with Manicotti pasta and Jumbo Shells pasta. Both of these pastas fall under the category of stuffed pasta, or a large pasta noodle with a hollow or concave shape made for filling with cheeses, meats and other small ingredients.

Manicotti And Jumbo Shells - The Delallo Difference

DeLallo Pasta is made with the finest ingredients, artisanal methods or production and generations of pasta-making experience. Manicotti and Jumbo Shells are specialty pasta shapes that are recipe-driven and made to create some of your favorite Italian-style family dinners. Like all of our pasta, our stuffed pasta collection cooks up to the perfect al dente texture and ready to shine in all of your recipes.

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