Artisan Pasta

  • Product image of Artisan Tagliatelle pasta.

    Artisan Egg Tagliatelle

    Artisan Tagliatelle is a classic Northern Italian pasta made with superior durum wheat semolina and farm-fresh eggs. Its gloriously golden hue, rich flavor and flat, ribbon-like appearance make it an iconic Italian pasta. Dried in convenient...

  • Product image of Artisan Mafaldine pasta.

    Artisan Mafaldine

    Malfaldine is a long, flat pasta with ruffled edges. Sometimes called Mafalda or Reginette, these lasagna-like noodles come from Naples, Italy, where they were named to honor the birth of Princess Mafalda of Savoy (the daughter of Prince Emmanuel III...

  • Product image of Artisan Vesuvio (Girelle) pasta.

    Artisan Vesuvio (Girelle)

    Vesuvio, also known as Girelle, is a short cut of pasta with a distinct semi-hollow corkscrew shape. With roots in Campania, Italy, this artisan pasta shape is named for the currently dormant volcano of the region, Mt. Vesuvius. The curly spring shape is...

  • Product image of Artisan Paccheri Rigati pasta.

    Artisan Paccheri Rigati

    Paccheri Rigati is shorter than Rigatoni, but with that same lovable tube shape. These short, wide, ridged pasta tubes are named for the Neapolitan slang “slap” or “smack,” referring to the sound made when the sauce hits the pot...

  • Product image of Artisan Casarecce pasta.

    Artisan Casarecce

    Casarecce (ka-sa-RET-cheh) is a short, scroll-shaped pasta originating in Sicily. Its curled edges and slight twist make it an excellent pasta for capturing sauces. With a name that literally means “homestyle,” Casarecce pasta used to be cut...

  • Product image of Artisan Riccioli pasta.

    Artisan Riccioli

    Riccioli is a unique spiral-shaped pasta with roots in the Piedmont region. From the Italian word ricciolo, which translates to “curl,” this lovable artisan pasta is great for many types of sauces—from fragrant basil pesto sauce to...