Pizza Flour

Pizza flour made from superior wheat expertly milled for your homemade pizza creations.

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    Organic 00 Flour

    DeLallo Organic 00 Flour is a superior certified-organic Italian wheat that is specially milled and sifted for the optimal ultra-fine texture. This powder-like texture and its superb gluten content make for the perfect elasticity for pizza dough. An...

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    00 Flour

    DeLallo 00 Flour is the secret to superior pizza, pasta, bread, crostata and Italian sweets. This exquisite flour is made in Italy with 100% Italian durum wheat that has been expertly milled and sifted for a superfine texture. The powder-like texture and...

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    Italian Pepperoni Pizza Kit Bundle (Buy the Recipe)

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What Is Pizza Flour? What Is In Pizza Flour?

The type of flour you use for your homemade pizza means everything. Pizza flour is a specialty flour that is ideal for creating the perfect pizza crust. A worldwide standard, type 00 (or tipo 00) flour is the best flour for making pizza. This title refers to its grind. Type 00 flour is specially milled for an ultra-fine texture—powder-like in feel and appearance. Pizza flour is of a higher gluten content than ordinary all-purpose flour. This gives dough the ideal elasticity and strength needed to create that quintessential crispy, chewy Neaoplitan-style pizza right at home. A stronger dough means the dough can be allowed to rise longer, which develops its flavors and gives it more air pockets.

Tipo 00 Flour - The Delallo Difference

At DeLallo, we source only the highest quality Italian-grown wheat for our prized Pizza Flour. This wheat is specially ground for that signature superfine, powder-like type 00 texture. Boasting a higher gluten and protein content, DeLallo Pizza Flour owns the ideal elasticity and strength for creating the perfect pizza.

The Best 00 Flour Pizza Dough Recipe

You do not have to be a chef to create an outstanding pizza pie in your kitchen. Let us help you to create an authentic pizzeria-style pizza with our Pizza Dough How-To. Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow and includes photos, tips and simple instructions on how to create an incredible pizza dough. Once you make this simple pizza dough recipe, you won’t ever pick up the phone for delivery again.

Our Favorite 00 Flour Recipes

Need some homemade pizza inspiration? There are so many options of toppings and combinations to choose from. Whether you like to pile on the meat or prefer simple Italian pizza classics like Margherita Pizza, there is a recipe to love. Check out some of our favorite homemade pizza recipes here.