Cherry Peppers

Spicy, sweet and ready to upgrade charcuterie boards and kitchen creations.


  • Front image of our Cherry Peppers.

    Cherry Peppers

    DeLallo Red Hot Cherry Peppers are fresh, red-hot peppers that are pickled then packed in a tangy brine. Vibrant and bursting with fiery flavor, these colorful peppers are the perfect condiment to top pizzas, sandwiches and salads, but are also an...

  • DeLallo Stuffed Cherry Peppers in a jar

    Stuffed Cherry Peppers

    An eye-catching gourmet antipasto favorite, these spicy green peppers are stuffed with a generous cube of sharp aged provolone that has been wrapped in savory prosciutto for a multi-layered flavor and texture that is sure to be the life of the party. ...

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    A picture of Garlic and Herb Stuffed Pepperazzi.

    Garlic & Herb Stuffed Pepperazzi

    Garlic & Herb Stuffed Pepperazzi Peppers feature our tangy-sweet Peruvean red cherry peppers filled with sweet creamy cheese and garlicky herbs. Grown and harvested in Peru, these sweet-and-spicy peppers are stuffed with sweet creamy cheese and...

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    A view of the top of our container of Red Pepperazzi Peppers.

    Red Pepperazzi™ Peppers

    Native to Peru, DeLallo Pepperazzi are squat, sturdy red peppers boasting a hot and tangy flavor in a sweet vinegar marinade. Pepperazzi are perfect for stuffing with creamy cheeses, Italian sausage, crabmeat or try them on salads, pizzas, pasta, and...


What Are Cherry Peppers?

Named for their cherry-like appearance, Cherry Peppers are the lovable small, round, red peppers you find featured on antipasto platters, charcuterie plates, salad bars and more. These peppers are actually in the chili pepper family (Capsicum annuum) and come in a range of spiciness—from 2,500 to 5,000 on the Scoville scale. For reference, Cherry Peppers are milder than jalapeño peppers and with a sweeter profile. Cherry Peppers are spicier than the classic bell pepper. Their firm skin and round shape make them a great pepper for stuffing and pickling.

Note: Cherry Peppers are sometimes mistaken for pimentos because of their similar look and usages. Pimentos are actually heart shaped peppers, in contrast to the spherical shape of Cherry Peppers. Pimentos are also sweeter with less heat.


Types Of Cherry Peppers

Cherry Peppers come in a few different varieties with different levels of spiciness. One of the hottest Cherry Peppers is the Cherry Bomb boasting an incredible heat and a deep red hue. The Cherry Stuffer is a sturdy variety with minimal heat making them excellent for stuffing, hence their name.


Cherry Peppers - The Delallo Difference

DeLallo Hot Cherry Peppers are sun-ripened and then handpicked at the peak of flavor. These prized peppers are sorted and selected, then quickly cured within 24 hours of harvest to capture their fresh flavor. Cherry Peppers are cured and packed in a tangy vinegar brine to create a unique sweet-and-spicy kick for all of your antipasto platters, sandwiches, garden salads, pizzas, grain bowls, pasta salads, dips and more.


Cherry Peppers You Can Buy

We just know you’re going to love our Hot Cherry Peppers, which is why we offer them in so many varieties—from our Stuffed Green Cherry Peppers to our convenient Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers. These spicy-sweet pickled peppers are sure to become your next go-to condiment for how much color and flavor they will add to your creations.

Hot Cherry Peppers
Stuffed Cherry Peppers
Stuffed Green Cherry Peppers
Garlic & Herb Stuffed Pepperazzi
Sliced Sweet and Hot Peppers
Sliced Hot Peppers


Delicious Things To Do With Cherry Peppers

Cherry Peppers are super versatile and can be used in many different ways. While Cherry Peppers can be used in their fresh form, they are most often enjoyed as a pickled pepper antipasto and condiment. Pickled to perfection, DeLallo Cherry Peppers are an amazing jarred condiment ready to upgrade so many of your favorite eats with their irresistibly sweet-and-spicy flavor.

As an antipasto, Cherry Peppers add a brilliant red color and bold, bright flavor to cheese boards, antipasto platters and charcuterie plates. Take it up a notch and stuff the pickled peppers with cheeses and cured meats. Cherry Peppers can be chopped and made into a tasty bruschetta-like spread for crostini toasts.

As a gourmet ingredient, Cherry Peppers are delicious, colorful additions to leafy green salads, pizzas, flatbreads, cold pasta salads, sandwiches, paninis, wraps… and just about anything you can dream up.


Our Best Cherry Pepper Recipes

Are you looking for more ways to use this amazing pickled pepper in your kitchen? The Hot Cherry Pepper is more than just a brilliant antipasto or garnish, its tangy, sweet and spicy flavors make an easy way to add big flavor to your dishes. These exquisite peppers just may be the ingredient you’ve been missing! We have gathered up some of our best Cherry Pepper recipes for you to explore and to discover. Don’t forget to tag your Cherry Pepper recipes on social media with #DeLalloEats, so that you can show us what’s cookin’ in your kitchen.